Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Food Love - New Feature!

So, it's almost the end of the week, and I've been eating some yummy food! 
Here are some of the foods Vince and I ate for our healthy eating challenge:

{Brown Cow Cream Top Vanilla Yogurt and Bakery on Main Triple Berry Granola}

Delicious, right? Maybe you want the recipes?

Well, what I've decided to do is, instead of Saturday Love with different pictures and links, I'll do a Saturday Food Love, and give you recipes! I make 98% of the food I eat for lunch and dinner, which means I make a LOT of food. I never have a great way to share it, so I'm going to do it here! 

I have severely limited my internet use because I'm missing out too much on my real life, which means I'm not finding as many fun links and pictures as I used to. I also feel like it's a more useful thing to share wonderful and healthy gluten free, mostly dairy free, and frequently vegetarian recipes instead of 'time wasters'! Most of the recipes will be for 4 servings, so they will be perfect for small families or for people/couples who want leftovers, like me. 

If you want a bunch of great links to 'waste time' with, check out the blog Yum & Yuk, which is one of my new favorite blogs. I love the way she has her blog set up and I wouldn't consider her links a waste of time because they are full of great and thought-provoking info. 
You can also check out this link on Fridays, and this link on Sundays!

So, my recipe for this week is :

I am a HUGE lover of brats with sauerkraut. Growing up my dad and stepmom had tons of BBQs which meant tons of brats cooked in beer and grilled. While I can't boil my bratwurst in beer anymore, I sure can eat it. I have yet to find a gluten free bun, so now I just incorporate brats into various meals. This is a new one that Vince and I made and will be added to our monthly rotation! 

Spinach And Bratwurst with Rice & Beans
4 Servings          Prep Time: 5 minutes      
Cook Time: 30 minutes {slow cook rice}, 15 minutes {instant rice}

2 cups uncooked brown or wild rice
4 cups water
1 Tbls olive oil
4 bratwurst, cut up in quarter sized rounds {I use Johnsonville Brats}
1 whole onion, cut into 1/4 inch slices
3 cups spinach
1 cup sauerkraut
4-5 cloves of garlic, minced
1 can black beans
sprinkles of mozzarella cheese
salt & pepper as desired

{1} Cook rice according to directions on the packaging.

{2} In a large pan, heat olive oil and cut up bratwurst over medium-high heat. Cook until the bratwurst is slightly browned. 

{3} Add the slices of onion and cook until softened. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

{4} Add 1 cup of spinach and put a lid on the pan. Allow the spinach to wilt, while occasionally stirring. Should take 1-2 minutes. Continue adding spinach until it is all added. If the pan is large enough, you can add the spinach all at once.

{5} Add sauerkraut and garlic and cook until sauerkraut is hot, about 4 minutes.

{6} Seve over brown or wild rice alongside the heated black beans.

I look forward to giving you guys a new recipe next week! It will be the garlic and spinach quinoa.
I hope you enjoy this new 'feature'. Let me know if you make anything or if you want me to make something specific to blog about!


  1.  Good job on your healthy eating goals and thanks for the recipe! I've made this a few times but not quite like this so I'm excited to try something new. I've never put black beans with it.
    Hope you've had a good week! =]

  2. YAY- gluten free recipes from Steff!!!!

  3.  Black beans make everything better! 

    And I have had a good week, I hope your is as well!!