Monday, May 9, 2011

8 Weeks to a Better Me!

I've mentioned Danielle quite a few times before, and once again, she has some awesome stuff going on over at her blog. Hew new thing is '8 Weeks to a Better Me' and I love it! 

Over the weekend before I saw her new post, I was thinking of some general goals I want to do for the next couple weeks and the ONLY thing I cared about was having the dishes done every night before I go to bed. That is the one house chore that I HATE doing and they always seem to pile up, therefor leading me to spend a couple hours of my weekend washing dishes. It's stupid. So that was going to be my one and only goal for the next couple weeks of my life...until I saw Danielle's post!

So now I will add three more goals to my list, because they are different then chores. This week the goals are for exercising. I've posted before about working out and how much I love the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout. It's so hard but at the end I feel wonderful! I started working out to it again over the past couple weeks and I want to continue it still, just more frequently. I also need to switch it up a bit though, so here's my goals:

{1} Do the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred or another workout video 3 times a week.

{2} Ride my bike to the gym and do anything there, whether it's lifting weights, running, swimming, etc.

{3} Walk or run with Roxanne 5 days a week. 

The last one will be the toughest one, because Roxi is such a difficult dog! She goes on 12 mile bike rides with Vince no problem, so when she runs, she really runs and needs to be off the leash.  I am way too slow for her. Since we live on the edge of the forest it's not that big of a deal, but I always get stressed out when she's off the leash. Hardly anyone drives on the back roads, but you never know when someone will speed up behind us and run her over! I've never had a problem with it before though and I really need to get over it. It's just difficult.

I really feel like all these goals are achievable though. I don't want to tell Vince about my goals because he'll push me, but I know that's EXACTLY why I need to tell him! 

I think making myself a little work-out calendar would be good as well. I won't 'tell' myself what to do on each day though, just because I may want to do something else that day, it's would just be helpful to keep track of what I'm actually doing! 

So, are any of you going to make some goals for yourself? Link your blog or let me know in the comments if you do. Everyone should just to stay healthy and young!


  1. Yay, DO IT!
    I have OCD and makes lists for EVERYTHING I do. You probably think I'm being overdramatic but I have entire file cabinets full of list notebooks... actually I think I might post about that tomorrow because it's slightly humorous.
    Any ways, I always make lists for the workouts I intend to do each day and then I get super frustrated with myself because I always want to do the next day's workouts. It's no fun to be completely bound!

  2. I love Danielle's 8 weeks to a better me idea, and I'm doing it too! =]

  3. I love lists as well, but I tend to not follow them! haha I tend to write them on random crap like the back of a receipt and lose it!

    And yes, post about it! It would be funny to read. {Or maybe you already have? I haven't read any blogs yet today!}

    And the whole 'being bound' thing is exactly what I'm trying to avoid, so I probably won't do that hehe

  4. Awesome, I'll go check out your post!