Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did I Survive?!

Sooo I did that video I was talking about, 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels, and oh my lordy. It hurt. A lot. I'm sore all over right now, ALREADY. And it's only been like 5 hours. 

{10 points if you know what that phrase is from!}

BUT, it's a wonderful sore and tiredness. It's not the kind of sore you get after laying on the couch watching the entire season of project Runway. It's a "Holy crap I just did a LOT.' 

After I did the workout that was only 20 minutes, I had so much energy! I was of course extremely tired because it's consistently hard through the 20 minutes, but it goes by faster than you'd think. And just because it was 20 minutes doesn't mean it was easy. It wasn't, obviously.

I started cleaning the house after and doing laundry and playing with the dogs and it felt awesome! I also ate a huge bowl of edamame and that helped a lot. Edamame helps everything, ya know?

Do you ever put stuff on your couch that you probably shouldn't? I didn't bring in another bowl for the bean casing so I stacked them on the couch and Vince HATES it when I do that! I also do that with sunflower seeds and he always freaks out. It's not like they're all slobbery or gross...

Anyways, I'm starting to slow down now that it's a little later, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to fall asleep within the next hour, which is very rare for me. I usually will lay in bed for hours just thinking about things and never get to sleep. 

I'm glad I'll be able to get to sleep early because I have a full day tomorrow. When Vince and I wake up we're going to make breakfast then go play with the dogs in the woods. After that we'll eat lunch, then Vince is getting a tattoo! I'm not exactly sure what it is, so I'll just have to take a picture of it tomorrow. 

After that we're going on a little date and we're going to get some gluten free pizza from Picazzo's and then to a movie, though I'm not sure which one yet. I'm excited to just go hangout with him and have fun!

I'm also going to sneak in a little workout tomorrow. As I said, I'm pretty stoked about that video. I don't know if I'll be able to lift my arms though, I barely could lift my arms to wash my hair tonight. Gahhh.

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