Sunday, May 8, 2011

Carrot juice leads to death...maybe.

After dinner last night I poured myself a cup of carrot juice that we had bought earlier in the day and Vince asked for a cup as well. I poured a glass for him, put the juice away, and put some food away in the kitchen. By the time I sat down on the couch with Vince, he had already drank his big glass of carrot juice.

I reached for mine and as I was taking a sip, I looked into the cup and noticed the colors were a little off, compared to other times I've had it. I figured I just didn't shake the container enough. As the carrot juice touched my mouth, I immediately pulled the cup away because it tasted HORRIBLE.  I made an 'Ugh' sound and shook my head in disgust.

Vince turned to me and said, 'It's carbonated, huh?' I looked at him and just started laughing and laughing because, HELLO, since when has 100% carrot juice EVER been carbonated?!

I just kept laughing at him, as tears came to my eyes, realizing that he drank a big glass of it, and had to obviously take more than one swallow to finish the glass. He intentionally drank that juice more than one time and it was SO disgusting!

I told him that it was most definitely bad and that we shouldn't drink it, and then he started freaking out asking if he was going to throw up or die. Aaand I continued to laugh.

I still can't stop laughing about it.


  1. Poor Vince lol. Don't you just love moments like that?

    Man, now I want some carrot & raisin salad.

  2. That's terrible. Carrot juice is usually so good. ♥U

  3. I ate it for lunch every day when I worked at Chick Fil A since I don't like chicken ha ha.