Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Love: Jerome Edition

So a week ago, last Saturday, my friend Veronica and I took a little day trip down to Jerome, AZ! It's a little over an hour away, but Veronica and I talked the whole way, so time flew by!

We first went to the Jerome State Historic Park. It's at the top of a hill, and you look out over the vast area of nothingness. You could see the Peaks in the background though!

It cost $5 to get in, and was a fun little museum. I guess it used to be a guy named Douglas' house and it showcased some of the stuff that he owned, as well as other mining stuff, since Jerome is a mining town.

When we first walked in, we saw one of those machines that squashes a penny. 

So for $1.02, we got ourselves 2 flattened pennies!

Then, we came upon this beautiful tea set. Can I pretty please own this?

We saw other random things throughout the house...

{{Top left to bottom right: a shelf that was in a little room, lights from the train tracks, an old soda machine {it was huge!} and a gargoyle that reminds me of the tattoo on Vince's leg}}

{One of the MANY signs that were in the hallways. What does it even mean?!}

{This was another one that was a little weird, because people may have died on that stretcher. The old crutches looked so uncomfortable!}

{There was a dark room that had lots of rocks in it that naturally glowed.}

{The bathroom was HUGE and BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT. I wish I could have a bathroom like that, it was so darling. And the entire wall was just storage.}

{Cute little pathway and old mining carts.}

{I LOVE old buildings.}

There was a lot of other things throughout the museum, but you should just go check it out yourself!

After the museum, we drove up to the little downtown area, which is just on a couple big hills. We immediately went and ate at a restaurant called Grapes. I couldn't find a page that had their menu online, but it had things like soups, sandwiches, amazing appetizers and salads. 

{EDIT: My awesome friend Ami found the link!! }

I called before we went and the lady who answered happened to be gluten free and said I could eat almost anything on the menu! When we got to the restaurant, she also happened to be our waitress! I was excited. There were SO many things I could eat, like almost 50 things. I've never ever had so many options, even at a dedicated gluten free place. All the sauces, even the FRIED mozzarella sticks were safe to eat! They didn't fry anything else in that oil except rice stuff. I was stoked.

I'm going to warn you now, if you ever go there, you will think about the foods for WEEKS.

{Excited for food!}

Veronica and I shared a portobella mushroom and I have talked to Vince about it everyday since then. I want him to try it so bad, I know he'd love it!

{I order a Rueben without bread, and Ver got a Swiss Melt.}

Did I enjoy my meal? Here's your answer:

{These are a couple of the stores we went to.}

The House of Joy was such a FUN store. It's an old brothel and has all sorts of pin-up memorabilia, Russia stuff, and tons of vintage trinkets. I think Melissa Misfortune would die in that store!

Veronica and I loved the Magpie simply because there's a blackbird on the sign! There was a jacket in that store that I would love to own someday. 

Fool on the Hill was such an awesome shop, possibly my favorite clothing store. Everything was funky and they sold fabric there too. I bought a yard of great fabric for $3 that I can't wait to use.
Veronica got some fudge that had marshmallows in it from Copper Country Fudge. They couldn't guarantee that it would be gluten free so I didn't eat any, but it looked so freaking good!

We also went to a few of the galleries and a place that had the most amazing ceramic arts. I wanted so much of that stuff! I was nervous I was going to break something though. 

All in all, it was a good day. 


  1. Aw how fun! We went to Jerome a few months ago and I had no idea about Grapes! I want to back now just to eat there! I make portobello mushrooms all the time but I'd like to try theirs... and oh my goodness, I've never wanted mozarella sticks as bad as I do after reading this ha ha.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun! =]

  2. Vince and i are going back next weekend so we can eat there, it's SO good.

  3. Ryan and I share a day off this week so he says we can try to go. =D
    What was the waitress's name? I want to try to get her just to be on the safe side.
    I am SO excited! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  4. I want to say Mindy...but I'm not positive! You can probably call and ask, I bet they know she is gluten free.

  5. What a fun day! I would LOVE that mushroom!

  6. It was pretty much the best thing I've ever tasted!

  7. I love these pictures! It looks like such a great trip, I need one like it. That tea set is so pretty and simple.

  8. Day trips are the best. You feel like you took a long vacation, but you didn't! I recommend it. =]

  9. I found the restaurant menu for Grapes.
    And I love following your blog.

  10. Yay Ami, you rock! I'm going to add it in.

    And thank you =D I'm glad you enjoy it!!

  11. My mother and I did a day trip to Jerome and it was amazing, everything there was awesome. I would go back there any time it is so much fun!

  12. Ya, I want to go back! It was definitely fun, and such good food there!