Sunday, March 13, 2011

Salutary Sunday

What did I make this week?

At the moment I am working on a tote/bag for my friend/coworkers birthday.

She said that she had fabric to make the bag but didn't know how to do certain things, and didn't have time. I told her to bring it in and I would sew it for her!

The fabric is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. The true color doesn't show in the picture, but I'll take a better one when it's all finished. It has embroidered flowers on it:

So far I have the inside and outside done, I just need to work on the straps and the flap that she wanted. Meaning, I'm almost done!

I'll try and finish it tonight, but I'm going to play basketball and have a BBQ with some friends. It's been SO nice recently that there's no way to stay inside all day.

I've also made some new buttons for my blog! I know my original button is on some peoples blog, but if you prefer one of these, go ahead and grab one. Let me know if you do. ♥

And lastly, I've painted my toenails. They look black, but it's a really dark purple.  You know what nail polish means? Warm weather!

Also, you should like me on Facebook! I'm trying to get to 25 likes so that I don't have a bunch of numbers, I can just have my name. ♥

What about you guys, anything fun being created this week? Or anything fun happen?


  1. I'm putting your button on my blog right now! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. Cute buttons! I need to get some for myself and link all my friends!

  3. They're so easy to make, I use Picnik!

  4. Aw you have cute shaped feet. My feet are weird looking and I never paint my toes and I rarely wear sandals.
    No one would ever have a foot fetish over my feet. Not even the weirdest weirdy.

  5. That's one thing I've always loved about myself hahaha I'm silly. My pinky toes are getting 'fat' though! I can barely paint that toenail, it's so tiny.

    Painting your toes is fun, even if no one sees them. You'll still see them! =]