Friday, March 11, 2011

Creek Day

Today we went to the creek, about an hour from our house. On the drive there, I was worried one of the dogs would throw up because we took the switch backs. I get nauseous, so I expected the dogs to. We were about 5 minutes from our destination and I said, "Yay, good girl Izobel, I'm so happy you didn't throw up in the new car!" And not even 30 seconds later, I look back at her throwing up neon yellow puke. AWESOME.

Once we got out of the car and cleaned up the throw up, it was wonderful! It was 75 degrees down there, perfect for hiking around in. The water was FREEZING because it's all snow runoff, but the dogs had fun swimming in it. 

Izzy stayed on 'shore' most of the time because it was her FIRST TIME swimming. She was still a little nervous to swim more than one foot from the edge, it was so cute.

Roxanne was having a blast chasing the ducks though. We were getting a little nervous because the ducks would fly down stream, and it turns into a tiny waterfall and the water flows VERY fast. I don't know if she would be able to swim well enough to keep herself above water. The last time she chased after the ducks I thought one of us was going to have to jump in after her, she was getting so tired and started to panic because she couldn't get to shore. She made it, luckily.

Though he may look like such a tool in this picture, he's really not. Those sunglasses are awesome to wear and keep out the sun, but he looks like such an ass in them!

Vince doesn't really like the color of Roxi's new collar, but I LOVE it!

Vince kept playing with his hair and making them be sideburns. I kept laughing at him and he didn't want me to take a picture of them, but I did anyway. They're his 'wings'! haha

And this is his hair without the hat. does anyone else agree he needs a trim! {Or shave!}

Dead leaves.

Oh, ya know that new clean car we just bought? It's not clean anymore.


  1. We were at that exact location last Saturday for Jen's bday! Remind me to tell you about the craziness.....

  2. Awesome! I'll definitely remind you. =]

  3. Aw such cute pictures! You guys are a cute couple and you have a good eye for photography. =]
    Yesterday it was SO hot that I texted my brother and said we need to meet at the creek. We were both at work so we didn't go but we set a date for us all three to take off work and go hang out at the creek. =]
    Which creek is that?

  4. Thanks Sara! Ever since I took that 30 day photography class online, I've been using my camera totally manually, and my pictures are SO much better!

    Luckily Flag isn't too hot yet. You definitely need to get to the creek ASAP though, it was SO perfect yesterday!

    It's at Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, at Chavez Ranch.

  5. That's good for you! I majored in photojournalism so it always drives me nuts when people buy the same camera as me or better and then never take it off the auto point-and-shoot mode.
    I like Midgely Bridge area... I never go to Slide Rock or Grasshopper Poin tbecause I know how gross those areas get.

  6. Ya, I hate that too! That's cool that that was your major, that would be a fun one.

    I haven't been to Midgely Bridge, or the others. At least not since I was a little little kid. I'll have to check it out!

  7. looks like you had a wonderful day!