Sunday, March 20, 2011

Joy of Luck

So, you may know that I absolutely LOVED the free online class I took last month, Joy of Love. Well, the lady from Willette Designs is offering another free class, Joy of Luck! And of course I signed up for it.

This was a one week class, which is nice. I've posted 4 days here, and will post the last 3 days on the final day of the class. 

During the last class, I learned how to use my camera completely manually {except focusing, but I'm working on it!} and it's been so awesome to do. I never really edit my photos now, except maybe cropping, so what you see is what I took!

Day 1
It's cool to know how to properly take a picture inside, and not be able to really tell, either. For example, the first day of class was to take a picture of something we take for granted everyday that we're lucky to have. I took a picture of money inside the bike shop Vince works at, with no windows around.

{Click all photos to make them larger.}

Day 2
The second day of class we were supposed to take a picture of something green that is around us in honor of St. Patty's Day! I had picked up an assortment of Jelly Belly's today and thought, 'Aha, there's green ones!' I took a picture of the mixture of beans, and also one with just the green ones. I think I like the mixed picture better. What do you think?

My favorite Jelly Belly is the Pear or Pomegranate. What's yours?

Day 3
The assignment was to take a picture of something that brings us luck. I don't necessarily think that a certain thing brings me any kind of luck, but I thought I'd go along with it. I was going through an old keepsake box of mine, and came across some old jewelry I used to wear. I was a very very strange girl, and used to wear super crazy stuff such as 8 watches on my arms, yes 4 ON EACH ARM. And they were 'awesome' ones like from the Burger King happy meals. An old boyfriend had given me this key and said to never lose it, as a joke, but I put it on a string and wore it for like a year and a half! There string eventually wore off and I never put it back on...

Day 4
We were told to take a picture of our 7 favorite material things. My favorite material things are all food though! So here's a pictures of one of my favorite foods, french fries from Diablo Burger.

Do you want to sign up for the class? The past days can still be sent to you with the tips and assignments! Click here.