Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House Love and Etsy

I'm sitting here working on putting my little Etsy shop together and watching the show Income Property on HGTV. Is that anybody else's favorite show?

The gist of the show is that a cute guy with a Canadian accent comes and remodels an area of someone's house that is being rented as an apartment, such as the basement or the upstairs. The homeowners have to pay for the entire renovation, BUT, they have an experienced guy who knows what he's doing design it. 

I must say that that is something I really really want to do, own my own income property. The couple on the show right now have a mortgage of 2,200 a month. They live on the main floor, rent their upstairs apartment for $1,000 and once the basement is renovated, they will rent that for $1,000 as well. Do the math. $200 A MONTH FOR THEIR MORTGAGE PAYMENT. What. The. Hell. 

How awesome would that be?! It makes so much sense to do that. I think I want the first house Vince and I buy to have an apartment to rent out. 

Anyways, Etsy shop. Whoa. I know. I'm finally working on it. 

So far I've put together the boring things such as shop policies, about me, etc. I have most of the pictures I need, but I want to take pictures of the necklaces on people. {Meaning, the ladies I talked to need to tap into their model because I'm coming for you soon!} 

I also need to write up the descriptions and take measurement of the jewelry. I also need to make more jewelry! I'm going to make some more earrings and bracelets, since I already have about 10 necklaces.

So, if you like my jewelry, keep an eye out! 

I'll also be having my own give-away once I open, too. ♥


  1. Lemme know when your shop is up, I love jewelry!

  2. Congrats on your store! Our house is big enough to do that renting out an apartment...and if we ever fall upon hard times we might consider it, but I am a weirdo about space! I like not having anyone else in our house..hee hee hee! But your right....it is smart! Hearts, janna lynn

  3. Thanks Janna Lynn!

    I wouldn't want people to have to go in my house, but if there was an outside entrance I would totally do it!

  4. I like Income Property okay but we really like to watch First-Time Home Owners... or something to that effect...
    And yay about your shop, so exciting! I think all of your jewelry is just gorgeous so I know you'll do well. I'll buy something for sure! But it might be like a month. I am what some people like to call "broke."

  5. I like that show too! It's so crazy to see how cheap places are compared to Flagstaff.

    And thanks, I hope the shop does well. =] I am also what people call broke, so I won't hold it against you if you don't buy anything hehe

  6. I definitely want to buy something for my mother-in-law's birthday in July. She likes red, so keep that in mind please. =]
    About how much do you usually charge?
    Last night I dreamed I paid you $200 (ha ha ha, like I have $200 to throw arond) and you made something a lot like those braided friendship bracelets everyone made in 3rd grade.
    It was really disappointing so please charge less than that and make something better than that.

  7. Bahhaha, that would be crazy! The earrings and bracelets will range from $12-$20 and the necklaces from $18-$40, so it's pretty affordable. =] And I promise it will be better than that, hehe

  8. Income Property always amazes me. I wish we still had cable, I miss my HGTV.
    And I'm such an Etsy addict, so excited to see your shop in a couple of weeks!

  9. When I didn't have cable for a year, that's one of the things I really missed!