Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Love: Link Edition

{My friend Veronica's guinea pig Pippin eating spinach!}

I'm an old lady and heart so I listen/read NPR. Here's a good article about how you shouldn't let your little girl be too clean because it could make her sick. Pretty much, just let her play in the mud! 
{found via SometimesSweet}

Danielle at SometimesSweet is organizing an Arizona Blogger Meetup on Saturday, March 26th! Any ladies want to go down to Phoenix with me?

This comic from xkcd pretty much sums up my life and here's the reason why.

The 15 most popular autocorrects from January, 2011. If you are a FB friend, you know I pretty much died laughing at this because I couldn't breath and was drowning in my own tears. If you don't look at any other link in this list, you HAVE to click this one.

This is amazing. I'd most definitely be proud if he were my son.

I can totally understand this 'Best of Craigslist' when she talks about her bus boyfriend. I think anyone who rides the bus for a long period of time can relate!

Art from this shop. Even Vince thought it was awesome when he looked over my shoulder. 

This comic from The Oatmeal is totally true about how your handwriting went from crappy, to great, and back to crappy as you use the computer!

I love getting ideas from MakeIt-LoveIt and they are usually sewing ideas, but this one is yummy snack ideas!

I love pumpkin, so I MUST try these Gluten Free Pumpkin Bars.

And lastly, this picture of the northern hemisphere covered in snow and ice. Crazy!

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