Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashion {or lack thereof} Friday

Today I felt like I needed something flowery.

It's been so blustery and BELOW freezing, but today is a somewhat nice day! It's still a little windy, but the temp is up to 44 degrees. Crazy.

The first pictures I took I didn't really need a sweater, but I knew I would need one for work because:

{1} It's usually colder at my desk than it is outside 
{2} I hate when the teens I work with see my crappy tattoo and I have to tell them I got it in a kitchen when I was 15. That's not setting a very good example!

So then I took a few pictures with my grey knit sweater. I've had it for a couple years but I never wear it for some reason. After taking a few pictures, I remember why; it's because I usually wear tank tops underneath and it's too itchy! 

So I settled on my white over sweater that I got from the Basement Martketplace and my orange sweater from Target{though I only wore it outside}.

{  Shirt: Rue 21 {I think!} about 4 years ago.  }
{  Tattoos: Burly Fish Tattoo. }
{  Hehe, I just had to do that. I feel so silly telling you all where I got my clothes from so I thought I'd throw in the tat.  }
{  Shoes: Vans   }
{  Pants:  Basement Market Place }

Aaaaaand of course I had to throw in the dogs...

{click to view larger}

...who wouldn't leave me alone.

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