Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lovely Hike

So Izobel has gone from the cute dog who occasionally does stupid things to idiot dog.

It started with her eating poop. Who the hell does that?! She was pick it up and walk around the yard with it.

Then today, I took the girls on a walk and she walked RAN into barbed wire. BARBED WIRE, people. We took a new route today and walked through the forest and a little trail kind of followed along a barbed fence. 

Roxanne is a pretty stealth dog and she is small enough to run under the fence without getting caught. As soon as Rox went through, Izzy assumed she could make it through but failed and yelped back. Poor girl was so scared! Both girls also got some cactus in the paws like Roxanne had gotten before. Izzy was NOT happy with it and was much more sensitive to it than Roxi, so we definitely won't go that way again.

It was nice to get out and take a walk. I wore my sweater most of the time, but I didn't really need it! It was pretty warm out, which is weird since it's supposed to snow a bunch on Saturday. Here are some pictures I took:

See the peaks?!


The clouds were so beautiful today!

When I got home, I was doing some vacuuming and was using the pet attachment to get some hair out of a corner, and look what it said:


I was tempted to use it on Izzy because she's so afraid of the vacuum! 

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