Monday, December 6, 2010


Ahhhhh. This past month has been SO busy with the move! I haven't really wanted to blog, but now that I'm sitting down I have TONS of things I want to write about. I'll just have to write mulitple posts and spread them out.

We've been in the new house for about 5 days and it seems like nothing is put away. I truly do not understand how we fit everything in our old house that was half the size of our new one. I'm so glad that we have a guest bedroom because I can just put all the boxes in there and take care of them one by one instead of having them spread everywhere.

Here are some pictures of what some of my house looks like:

{guest room}

{some food storage}

{our room with laundry EVERYWHERE}

{the new washer and dryer}

I didn't do laundry for about 4 weeks and had about 10 garbage bags full. I'm on my 6th load right now and am only half way through. It's so expensive to take it to the laundromat though, so I figured we could just save money and keep it all until we moved and do a load of underwear and socks in between. So now, after the 5 hours it took to set up our washing machine and dryer, I've been working on laundry every second I'm home. I absolutely love them, though, they are so quiet! Getting them set up was awful though. That's a whole other post though...

The first day or two that I was unpacking the essential things I was kind of sad about the move. Our old apartment was over 75 years old and had so much character. It was really easy to make
that house super cute and homey. Our new house is just...old. Not charmy old, just old. I really love it, but it's going to be hard to make it as cute as the old place. The different tile is all crazy, one wall in each bedroom is wood {ugh}, the kitchen is completely white except the green many things that are just hard to work with! Over time I'll figure it out though. I'm really excited to live in a place this size, and with Vince one house away from the trailhead where he rides bikes, it's pretty perfect.

Roxi is also extremely happy with the move. She has so much room to run around the house and a big backyard all to herself. She just hangs out back there and chews on her bones all day.

Today Vince and I took her on a little hike in the woods behind our house and she got a cactus IN HER MOUTH. There were the little 1 inch cactus balls and she got one on her foot so she tried to take it off with her mouth.
She was about 20 feet away from me and I saw it happening and I kept shouting 'no' at her. I ran over to her and her gums and tongue were bleeding and she kept trying to get it out of her mouth by wrapping her tongue around it and swallowing. I kept yelling to Vince to run over to hold her mouth open so I could get it out but it's seemed to take forever for him to get to us. While he held her mouth open I had to take pieces of the cactus off so I could reach the soft part of the cactus. I finally got ahold of the soft part and had to pull hard to get the 10 pieces unstuck from the roof of her mouth. There were a couple pricklies left in her mouth that I had to pull off and I felt so bad for her. It was so painful, she even started to shake! I decided to carry her until we got to a clear trail so she wouldn't get a cactus again and my arms started to hurt SO bad. After about 5 minutes she totally forgot what happened and started running around all happy again. It was pretty cute.

I feel like I haven't done anything but clean, pack, move and unpack forever. I haven't seen my best friend Veronica in like a month it seems! Now that I am moved, I just need to relax and not worry too much about unpacking. And have her over for dinner!

{Vince and I super stoked}


  1. Thanks for letting me take a peek into your new home--more pictures, please!
    You two always look so happy--made for each other!
    Also, you'll need to send me your new address. ♥U

  2. Gram, I will definitely post more pics! I also have some that I'm going to post from Thanksgiving and Suzie's baby shower! {I got that money yesterday, btw}

    We are absolutely happy with eachother =] Of course we have many rough moments, but all in all, we're pretty happy!

    I email you my address. Love you!

  3. Thanks for letting me take a peek into your new home--more pictures, please!
    You two always look so happy--made for each other!
    Also, you'll need to send me your new address. ♥U