Monday, December 27, 2010


When it comes to having a cold, I can handle the dripping nose, the painful cough, the raging headaches...I can handle all that. What I can't handle is the constant eye watering. Well, more like crying.

From the very first day that I start to get a cold my eyes water. At first, they water here and there throughout the day, but it's not always constant. By day 2, though, my eyes are like waterfalls and won't stop. My sleeves end up soaked from wiping them, and then my eyes start to get raw, which is when I switch to soft tissues. {I don't know why I don't just start with that...}

Due to the constant watering and wiping, my eyes swell up and they look bruised.

{They look so much worse in real life. The picture doesn't do it justice!}

{Oh, and doesn't my hair look great? Haven't showered in 4 days.}

The first day, my left eye was constantly watering but not my right. The second day, my right was constantly water, but not my left. Therefor, I thought that my eyes would stop all together today! But no, both had to water.

Even though I may feel somewhat decent, I still can't go to work or hangout with anyone because I look crazy. The only good thing that comes out of being sick is snuggling with this dog. Well, not snuggling, rather enjoying her from the other side of the couch.

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