Friday, December 10, 2010


As of a couple hours ago, I am done with English class forever! I submitted my final essay and am breathing a sigh of relief. While the class itself wasn't hard, it was hard for me to keep my head on straight and remember when I had a paper due. For example, I had one due on Tuesday, and totally forgot! I woke up Wednesday morning as thought, "Hmmm, I'm pretty sure I had a paper due last night, but maybe not. I'll check today." And then I totally forgot to submit it. Then I woke up yesterday and thought the same thing. I forgot to submit it until last night! It's just been that kind of month for me...

I'm sorta behind in posting pictures too. I have some pictures from Thanksgiving and some from my sister's wonderful baby shower last weekend.
I'll start with the Thanksgiving pictures and then work on my sisters baby shower post this weekend. I have SO many pictures to go through! I'm also editing a movie of the baby shower since my mom was recording the entire time.

{Vince, Me, Connor (brother), T-bo (stepdad), Mom, Suzanne (sister) and Nick (brother in law)}

{Suz, Nick and baby Alyla in the belly!}


{V and I}



{cousin Brett and my momma}


Don't they look exactly alike?! They are cousins, but they could easily be mistaken as brothers.

I somehow managed to not get a picture of my aunt Jacque and baby cousin Alex! I don't know how that happened, but they were at dinner, too.

For Thanksgiving Vince and I went out to my mom's house out in the boonies and had a delicious meal with the fam. My mom even made a seperate turkey for me with nothing on it so it would be gluten free! It was awesome to be able to eat a meal and know for sure that I wasn't going to be sick after.

So that is all for now, but I will be posting baby shower pictures soon!


  1. What a group of beautiful and handsome people. Thanks for posting the pictures (don't know about the fingers though--free expression or just bad manners???) I know--I’m too judgmental, too old and too set in my ways!! ♥U

  2. Haha Gram, they are just silly little boys!

  3. Haha Gram, they are just silly little boys!