Monday, October 11, 2010

Taking Senior Picturrres.

A few days ago I took my brothers senior pictures for him and it was so fun!
I've never taken portraits before so it was good to experiment with it. Here are a few of the ones I liked:
We started across the street from my house at an old lumbar building:
then we went to the railroad tracks that are a block away and took some pictures on the trains that are off the main tracks:
this one's my FAV:
then we went to an alleyway downtown:
then we went to a bar that has awesome graffiti on the walls:
then we went to this alley downtown that has art:

then we went and stood in front of this brilliant blue door at a piano shop:
then we ended up at my house:
After pictures I fed him some pulledpork sandwiches, deviled eggs and rootbeer floats!

It was fun to hangout with my brother and talk with him. We used to fight ALL the time, and I'm glad we don't anymore. He's a pretty rad kid. Aaaaand I guess I love him. =]

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