Monday, October 11, 2010

Possessed microwaves and little spoons.

The microwave is gone from my kitchen.
Possibly forever.

Let me give you a little background information: My microwave is POSSESSED.

It starts on its own; sometimes when you open the door to put something in or take something out, it turns on and starts cooking! Clearly not safe. So I told Vince to take it out to The Corner because someone would definitely take it and not be freaked out by it like I am. (The Corner is a magical little corner next to my home that houses the trash/recycling, and because I live downtown, anything you put there will be gone within a half hour.) I also said that we would go to the store later that weekend and get a new one.

In the few days that the microwave was not taking up the massive amount of space that is usually takes, I filled the space with random stuff such as the water purifier, ipod speakers, tea, and teapots; now I can't imagine not having that space anymore.

So. This brings us to potentially not having a microwave ever again, which for some, is unfathomable. I fortunately don't mind taking a little extra time to heat things in my stove or toaster oven, it just takes a little more time. Between the two, I can heat up practically anything; except one of the most important things in the entire world: my rice bag.

You know what those are, right? Amazing cloth bags with rice inside that you can put in the microwave to heat up (or freeze to get cold). I LOVE heating up the rice bag for my toes or belly.

So now I sit here thinking, "Maybe I can have Vince go warm up the rice bag in the microwave at his work. His work is only a two minute walk away so it'll stay warm for at least ten minutes after he gets back."
I'm that desperate.
I could get one of the rubber things that holds water, but I feel like I would pop it somehow, because awesome stuff like that always happens to me. So for now, I am debating whether I want to go buy a microwave. I probably won't because I can't justify spending any kind of money just to keep my toes warm. I could also turn up the heater, but according to Vince, I can put more clothes on when I'm cold, but he can't take more clothes off when he's hot. I would much rather walk around my house like this:
and NOT like this:
But, this isn't really a fight I want to have.
So I will settle with him rubbing my feet, because after all, it's HIS fault they are cold.

Oh, and does anyone eat there yogurt with spoons this size
when they don't want to wash all the regular dirty spoons?

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