Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday was such a wonderful relaxing day!
Vince and I got to spend the ENTIRE day together, which rarely happens.
It started with us waking up and sitting out our beautiful back porch with the
doggy while eating bananas, strawberries and peaches.
From there we made some lunch, which was delicious.
We made grilled cheese sandwiches which consisted of gluten free bread for me, tomatoes, kale pate with fresh kale from the garden, organic mozzarella cheese, and an over easy egg.
I know, it's a little hard to take in with all the YUMMINESS GOING ON.

Have you ever eaten kale pate?
It is so freakin' fabulous and SUPER healthy.
Here's my recipe, if you'd like to try it.

Kale Pate

1 bunch of Kale
~1/2 cup olive oil
1 or 2 carrots
1 stick celery
2-5 cloves garlic
~1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
~1/2 cup almonds
salt and pepper to taste

Throw everything into the food processor and blend away until smooth.
This isn't an exact recipe because you can add anything you want
or take away things and it will still be good.
If you like a lot of carrots, add more! If you don't like celery, leave it out!
It's a great little dish because you can change it to fit your needs.
While I love kale pate on my grilled cheeses,
it's also good with chips, chunks of cheese, veggies, etc.
Pretty much anything.

The grilled cheese goes well with a bowl of fresh fruit and a blue sky soda!

So, you may have noticed I'm eating cheese.
But I said I didn't eat cheese, right?
Well, I have thankfully discovered that if I eat organic dairy products,
my stomach can handle it MUCH better.
Maybe I just can't handle the hormones or something in regular dairy?
Either way, I can't eat too much dairy in a day or I do get a little uncomfortable, but for the most part I've been fine eating organic dairy!
Thank goodness.
I'll still cook mainly without dairy, though.

After lunch, the man and I were L-A-Z-Y.
We sat on the couch, played Phase 10, took a little nap and
watched some TV while it RAINED outside.
We were soo stoked on the rain!
It looks likes it's going to rain today as well, I can hear the rolling thunder now.
Yay for not having to water the garden myself!
As I type this, Roxanne (my doggy) is sleeping right next to me and any time I hit the backspace button I touch her ear and it twitches.
She keeps sighing like an old man because I'm irritating her.

Anyways, after being lazy, we decide to ride our
bikes with Roxanne to an open field that's
about a mile from our house.
(Sorry, the pics are from my non-iphone!)
We brought a tennis ball for her to run with and V and I brought
our new discs to practice with so that I can KILL IT next time we play disc golf.
It was wonderful to run in the freshly rained on grass with bare feet.
It was nice to feel the water splash up between my toes and know that it was clean and fresh.
Watching Rox drink from the puddles also made me smile.

After playing with Rox, V and I rode bikes to Fry's Grocery store to stock up on some food.
I had a BOB trailer attached to my bike as well as 2 fold out baskets,
and they were fully loaded.
As people watched me cross the street at the stop light they looking puzzled, like, "How the heck can she ride that home?!"
We spent $145 on grocery's, and I am a VERY frugal shopper (saved $80!),
which means we had SO many grocery's.
But, after a wobbly ride, I made it home, and I'm getting a back
rub from V because I carried the fully loaded BOB while he only had a backpack full!

Finally, we made turkey meatloaf and baked potato wedges for dinner and went to sleep.
Overall, a pretty productive day.

Oh, and check out my new rad Chaco Hipthongs that I got from Aspen Sports,
which is also where I got the new discs.
I wore them to work on Friday and they sort of hurt my feet by rubbing the wrong way, but they are broken in now!
Two days ain't too bad.
Sorry the picture's fuzzy and my feet are dirty!

Well, hopefully your weekend was as great as mine.
Now off to make some necklaces....

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