Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rice Milk and Deliciousness!

Tonight was a busy night.
The man is out of town and I've ben in cooking mode!
I made rice milk, foccacia bread, carrot potato soup
and a split pea hummus.
The house smells so good!
I feel bad for the neighbors because they can smell everything I cook,
and it's late at night.
Oh well, I'll bring them food in the morning. =]

So I found a great rice milk recipe on
While I'm not vegan, I can't have dairy
(among other things like gluten, onion, egg, soy...)
and this rice milk is so easy to make.
Pretty much all you have to do
is boil 8 cups water with 1 cup rice!
I prefer to make my own rice milk instead
of buying it because the carageenan makes me feel weird,
and it's SO MUCH HEALTHIER!!!!

I'm going to give you my slightly modified
version of the 'recipe',
but if you want the original, check it out here.

Homemade Rice Milk
Yields about one gallon of milk
1 cup rice
8 cups water + some to add later

1 large deep pan
jars to store milk

Add rice to water in the pan.
Bring to a boil, then turn down the heat to a simmer.
Let simmer for 3 hours.
Throughout the 3 hours, check on the rice/water
to be sure the water isn't completely soaked up.
Sometimes when I make it,
all the water gets soaked up
and I have to add a cup or 2 more,
but other times I don't have to add anything.
So just check to make sure everything is good!

After letting the rice cool down for about 10 minutes,
scoop 1 or 2 cups of rice mixture unto blender
(depending on blender size)
with an equal amount of water.
Blend for a minute, or until the rice milk is creamy.

The original recipe says to run the rice milk
through cheese cloth to make it not so thick,
but I found no need to.
I only use the milk to cook with,
so I'm not worried about it being to thick.
If you are going to drink the milk,
all you have to do is add more water
until you get the desired consistency.

I you choose to use cheesecloth,
it's easiest to put the cheesecloth in a strainer,
and put the strainer over a bowl to catch the milk!
Because I use
it to cook,
I like to add vanilla to half of the jars.
Then I don't have to add vanilla to the recipe!
It's also good to add vanilla if you are
used to buying rice milk in
as it is very sweet.
As the original recipe says,
you can also add ingredients such as
cinnamon, maple syrup, or honey to make it sweeter!

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