Friday, April 16, 2010

So I got a new printer today!
I'm hoping to start an Etsy shop in the next couple months
and having a printer in the house will be wonderful =]
I've been fortunate enough to be able to buy things
I need to make my life easier and
I'm really enjoying and appreciating all I have.

It's also been fantastic to be able to hangout outside!
My dog and I have HATED being inside all winter
and now the back gate it finished and she's all fenced in!
She loves sitting on the front walkway and
chewing her bone or holding her head up and smelling the fresh air.
I love love love it when she does that, it's too adorable.

So I taught my first Intro to Computers class Wednesday night at work!
I was nervous that I was going to be really awful and get nervous
and talk WAY too quickly, but I didn't.
I was surprisingly relaxed about it and everyone seemed to enjoy the class.
I got all positive responses back on the evaluation forms, too!
The first night I had 1 person signed up but 3 showed,
and the next morning I had 4 people signed up but 6 showed!
I was so shocked that that many people showed,
but luckily I was prepared for it.
I think the fact that they were such great students made it easy for me as well;
everyone caught on so quickly.
At the beginning of the night everyone was nervous about using computers
but at the end of the night they had huge grins on their faces
because they totally understood what I was talking about when I asked
them to do something like copy and paste using shortcuts!

I've also been working on various rice/flaxseed bag designs
and am very excited about some of them =]
I'm hoping to find ways to get them done faster, like using an electric machine.
I really like the fact that I hand stitch everything right now
but it just makes more sense to machine sew certain parts.
I'm planning on making a little stockpile of bags and then opening my Etsy shop!
It'll be called Iffy Inklings...

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