Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Flats Challenge: Day 3

(I'm participating in the Dirty Diaper Flats Challenge for the week! Read about Day 1 here, and Day 2 here.)
Last night was a rough one with a combination of Devin needing to nurse extra and her needing to poop but not being able to - the rough life of a three month old! I honestly didn't want to deal with putting a flat on her so I threw on a Bumgenius with a microfiber insert because I hadn't taken the time before bed to make a padded flat. I felt guilty for about half a second until I realized this challenge is about exploring new options and realizing that I can diaper with extremely basic resources, but it's also about making my cloth diaper experience better! So if I have to put on an easy BG at 2am, then so be it. I think I've made great progress, considering I wasn't even using cloth diapers a week ago and planned on using disposables at night!
I haven't used a disposable since Sunday and it feels great knowing I am doing good things for my baby, myself, and Mother Earth as a whole. There are so many comparisons in motherhood and I feel like many non-cloth diapering people think those that cloth diaper think they are better than others because of it, but much like delivering a baby medication free or breastfeeding, it goes way beyond that. I don't spend an extra hour of my day washing and folding things my daughter will take a poop in just so I can look down at a mom using disposables and say, "Neener, neener, I'm better than you because I touch my babies poop!" I do it because it feels right, it works with our lifestyle, and I have the privilege of taking the time to wash them, but that doesn't mean it's right for everyone.  The awesome thing about parenting is that there is such a variety of right ways to do something and it all comes down to what makes you and your family happy!

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