Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Flats Challenge Day 2: My Stash

(I'm participating in the Dirty Diaper Flats Challenge for the week! Read about Day 1 here.)
My entire stash isn't pictured, one grovia (left pile) is waiting to be washed, one is on her, and some flats are waiting to be washed as well. There are some liners waiting to be washed and some pre folded into the flats already. I clearly didn't go the gender neutral route completely... ;)

My stash is basic. Very basic. I am a poor nursing student with a husband that has cut back on his hours at work because of a work-related injury, so we've been pinching pennies. (Oddly enough, my reason for cloth diapering wasn't money based, rather wanting to stay away from the chemicals and waste of disposable and most importantly - I can't stand the smell of disposables! Ha!)
A couple years ago when we were trying to get pregnant originally, I bought some cloth diapers on Craigslist because the deal was too good to pass up. I split some of them with a friend, and ended up with 5 Bumgenius one size pocket diapers with 5 regular and 5 newborn inserts (that I'm not using for this challenge) for $35. They are in really great condition so it was a steal!

Last week I bought 6 Grovia 2-in-1's from a lady through a Facebook group for $55 with 12 inserts (soakers and organic cotton ones - again, not using the inserts for this challenge). She didn't take care of them very well and the organic cotton ones are not absorbent AT ALL, so I've been working on stripping and sunning those! (A little harder to do without a real washer, but doable.)

As far as flats, I have two 5-packs of Walmart brand flour towel sacks that I got for $10. I line them with microfleece that I bought as 1/4 yard remnants from JoAnn's for $.77, and made about 20 liners. They are so soft and nice on my daughter's tushie! When I have her in the Grovia inserts by themselves, her bum gets a little red, so the extra microfleece layer really does make a difference.

For wipes I cut up a receiving blanket which was a gift, and make my own wipe solution that is very inexpensive.
So far I've been using the Grovia covers over the flats, but tonight I plan on folding the flats to use as an insert in the BG pocket diapers. We'll see how that goes! It's nice to have a diaper I can just trap and put on her at night instead of having the wrap the flat on her, then do the cover.

And that's it! We live in less than 400 square feet (with a husband and dog) so I'm not going to be one of those people that has 50+ diapers and a million inserts. I like to keep things simple! I have three Fuzzibunz coming in the mail that I ordered from their 50% off Mother's Day sale and I'd eventually like to get up to 18 covers just so I can rotate through them and have them last longer, but for now I'm happy where I am. The next few diapers I add will just be plain waterproof covers, which the Grovias are doing a great job of now, so I'm in no rush. If I decide to use flats more often (which is likely, I'm already noticing how much easier they are to wash and dry) I'll probably just buy more of the flour sack towels from Walmart so I have 20 or 30 towels.

So all in all my entire stash has cost me $100.77 which it what I'd normally spend on one month of disposable diapers! Not too shabby.

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