Saturday, January 3, 2015

32 weeks. EIGHT MONTHS.

How far along: 32 weeks (+1 day as of this publishing) 
32 weeks
Weight: 166 pounds. Yep, I gained 9 pounds since my 30 week update! Finally gaining that much needed weight. 19 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight, up 49 pounds (!!!) after losing 30 pounds from the deathly sickness. 
Emotions: I said to Vince the other day, "My brain and my body don't want or need to cry, but my eyes feel like they are just going to start sobbing," and I think that sums everything up. I'm just loving everything so much that my brain can't seem to handle it! Baby kicks, growing belly, teeny tiny clothes, mini cribs...

Nesting: It's happening. Clean house, walked dog, homemade meals multiple times a day, bathed self. I was able to reduce my thyroid meds yet again because the dose was too high, so it's giving me some energy back, thank the lord baby jesus.
Sleep: I had a streak of really bad nights, waking up constantly because my hips and ribs were burning with pain. I think growing so quickly has just been rough! I added another pillow to my surroundings and had two really great nights of sleep, but last night was bad again. I'm hoping that was just a fluke. Overall though, I'm waking up feeling rested, despite waking up frequently.

Cravings: Eggplant, which I realize I've been craving pretty much the whole pregnancy because I find myself baking it constantly. Other than that, still just chocolate. And In-N-Out.
30w 4d. At the hotel in Vegas before Christmas. 
Movement: Still constant movement all. the. time., and still really large movements that look crazy. Feeling and seeing tons of hiccups multiple times through the day which is funny! Sometimes she'll also get wild in there and will either punch or kick like crazy and it looks like my belly is just vibrating. It is seriously the strangest feeling ever. 
31 weeks
Best Moment of the Week: Running barefoot in the snow! It was so fun even though it was freezing. If you don't remember from a previous post, it's a family tradition to do it during the first real snow of the year. Now I can tell baby girl she did it in utero and has no excuse! (5 second video) 
Looking Forward To: Getting everything set up for baby girl before school starts. We've finally settled on how and what we want in our room for her (we're in a one bedroom house, so she'll be with us) and I'm excited to finally get everything organized. We have a few things on order and are just waiting for them to get here!
Panicking About: School, of course. It starts in about a week! Luckily my teachers are all working with me and I'm able to start on some stuff now before the semester even starts, and I'll be able to work on some quizzes and assignments earlier than they are due so that I have some free time when baby girl comes. 
What I Miss: Rolling in bed, getting up, or putting socks/shoes on without grunting and making terrible sounds. Every time I do something, it feels like the breath is getting knocked out of me so I'll end up gasping  or making some other sound of death. There have been multiples times where Vince legitimately asked if I was ok because they were not normal sounds! Luckily I've convinced him to let me get a new pair of Birkenstock's that I don't have to buckle or tie like my current ones because it's getting increasingly impossible. I'm thinking these or these so I can also wear them to clinicals for school. 

Milestones: Being able to say I'm over eight months pregnant feels like a milestone in and of itself. Nonchalantly throwing out, 'Ya, I shoveled yesterday at eight months pregnant,' makes me feel pretty awesome.


  1. Steff, you are looking fantastic! The last couple of months feel pretty long but they'll be over in a flash and she'll be here before you know it! So exciting! I'd love to send you a little blanket for your bub, let me know if I can!

  2. You're so cute! I didn't even know birkenstocks came in that first design!!

  3. I just want to say I'm absolutely far more depressed about how incredibly huge I am right now at 23 weeks. I feel like a beached whale. In fact, I feel like I should be ready to birth at any moment. And no, I'm not. I have 17 weeks to go. God help me and my spine. HA!