Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's a...

From the very beginning, I had a feeling the baby was a girl. I would sometime sway, trying to convince myself it was a boy because that's what both Vince and I wanted, but in the back of my mind something would always say WRONG.

Then when we had an ultrasound around 13 weeks, the tech guessed that it was a boy, but since it was obviously very early, to not put much weight on it. Vince felt convinced for a while, but I was still like, 'Eh, nope, I don't think so.'

There were some moments I wavered away from girl and many times where I said I had absolutely no idea. The morning of the ultrasound (I had worked the night shift and came home to snuggle with Vince at 6am) I was very sure it was a girl. Enough to tell him I was very pretty positively sure we were having a girl.

Turns out...

...I was right! IT'S A GRIL!!

While terrifying all on its own, especially after walking around my college campus and realizing how many idiot girls there are, I realized that not all girls are like that. (And there are definitely a fair shair of idiot boys.) I'll obviously have to be ok if my daughter wants to dress in shorts that don't cover her butt or pretend to act like they don't understand something just for the attention, but at the same time I have the chance to raise her to respect herself to not do those things. And that's what brings me back around to the terrifying part - Vince and I will have a huge role in shaping this baby girl into the woman and human being she is going to become. What?!

While I don't understand a single thing about make-up (I've had the same eye shadow since 7th grade...I wish I was kidding) and I'd much rather go ride my bike than get a manicure, I can teach my daughter about the things I love while also embracing the things she loves if they happen to be different, which will ultimately make me a better person.

Anyways, all this to say I am totally over the moon excited to raise a strong, empowered, beautiful little girl. A GIRL!


  1. You learn! You really do. And you know what, just because it's a girl doesn't mean she will be girly! She can wear pigtails and skirts and be covered in mud- you just never know. :) There really are pros and cons to girls and boys. My girl is head strong and challenging, but she is so kind and sweet. My boy is a total lovebug, but he can also be frustrating because he takes nothing seriously. Until I get mad, then comes back with, "But I love you the bestest mama, AND I'm cute." LOL. But enjoy it. Girls are just as fun!!

  2. I am so excited. When we were at ultrasound next month I had a gentle, it's a girl feeling as well! And I know the feeling you are going through. I had Suzanne and you first, then con came along. When they said it's a boy, I started crying, saying, I don't know how to take care of a boy!!!! It's a amazing journey, filled with joys and lessons learned, yet it is way worth it, love you Steffie bear. Your world just got more real!!!!!!!!! Xoxo