Friday, November 14, 2014

25 weeks.

Too lazy to take a belly picture right now, so this is from 24w4d while hiking in Prescott.

How Far Along: 25 weeks (the last update I did was at 14 weeks, so clearly I'm on top of things)

Weight: 150 pounds - I've made it to my pre-pregnancy weight! Lost 30, and have now gained a total of 33. I am finally noticing my legs are teeny tiny and am now fitting into my yoga pants again. (Yes, I was skinny enough that COMPRESSION yoga pants were loose and falling off.) And I have an out of control muffin top that makes Vince and I laugh.

Sleep: Depends on the night. Most nights I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, but other nights I'm just so uncomfortable that it's hard to sleep. I usually get up 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 times to go to the bathroom (I know they say to not drink in the hours leading up to bedtime, but I can't not drink) but fall asleep immediately again. Per the advice of Grace, I have been using this sound machine set on the waves sound and wowza, that is the best thing I've ever bought in my life. As soon as I turn it on, my eyes get drowsy! Some nights I just cannot sleep though, which sucks.

Cravings: I get pretty strong cravings for coffee still so I drink plenty of decaf, but other than that, most of my cravings have gone away. There are times when I definitely want something NOW, but it's not like earlier in my pregnancy when I had to have something all the time. Except maybe vanilla chai freezes from Campus Coffee Bean...I get those pretty frequently. Interception: I started this post at 24 weeks (and am editing it to be relevant to 25 weeks because it obvs didn't get posted) and today I had a crazy insane craving for Chik-Fil-A sauce. So I of course got a large fry as well and proceeded to eat two packets of the sauce. I've also been super stoked on hard boiled egg sandwiches with tons of mayo and liverwurst. (I know, I may be the only person who eats terrible food like Chik-Fil-A and then later eats grass-fed and organic liver sausage.)
24 weeks.

Being a Weirdo About: What I eat. There have been a lot of things I 'shouldn't' eat that I've always said I'd be fine eating even though I was pregnant (sushi, sandwich meat, etc) that I did eat for a while in my pregnancy, but all the sudden I CAN'T. Like full on, my brain is telling me I really want it and I have the food in my hand going towards my mouth and my body just will. not. let. me. eat. it. It is the weirdest thing I have ever felt, by far. I was trying to eat some spinach in a salad that was totally fine to eat, but a maybe almost a little off, and I couldn't! Or when I was trying to eat an apple that I had in my backpack that I didn't wash (because I never used to and I know that's terrible and gross) and I acknowledged that I should probably go to the bathroom and wash it but didn't want to get up, so decided to just eat it, but my body was like, "NO, NO, NO! DROP IT! GOD DAMNIT! DON'T DO THIS." And I couldn't eat it. (This may also be related to the fact that apple peels make me feel terrible.) Vince is happy about this because I usually don't care if something is a little weird and he for sure thinks I'm going to get food poisoning and that it will be awful. 

Movement: So much! At my 20ish week appointment, my midwife asked if I had been feeling anything. I said I have felt some things I thought could be it, but nothing substantial. She explained that it was normal, then had me lay down so she could use the doppler, and I felt a strong kick! I laughed and thought there was no way that was a kick because that would be a weird coincidence to feel it right as I said I didn't feel it, but later that night I started feeling a bunch of kicks. It was crazy! Since then she's been an active little baby throughout most of the day and evening. It seems like she never sleeps, unless there are people around that want to feel her kick. Recently she's been stretching as well, which is an entirely different and weird feeling and crazy to see my belly move. I caught a bit on video and am excited to look back on it and think how weird I thought that felt compared to when she's much bigger and belly movement is much more substantial.

23 weeks in my 2xl 'slimming suit' not for pregnant women, 
but it totally works and is SO much more supportive that a belly band!

Wedding Ring On or Off: Off because my fingers are still too skinny. I wore it for like half a day last week, but we did laundry and I was so sure it was going to fall off.

Best Moment of the Week: Vince sounding so weirded out when he feels kicks. When we're cuddling and she kicks, he always sounds so offended, like, 'The baby is kicking me right now. JERK."

Looking Forward To: Pooping normally. Still. My constipation has gotten WAY better since getting off the zofran pump (it causes extreme constipation) but I'm still not 'regular'. Ha, so awkward. I'm doing everything I can to 'promot'e it, but it is still a no go. She likes to hangout reallllly low in my belly so I think she's just crowding my intestines and making them revolt.
22 weeks.

What I Miss: Bending over. This past week I've realized that I can't really bend over at the waist anymore and have to squat. It's weird to have something so solid in my belly area to prevent movement!

Milestones: Being past the 23 week 'age of viability'! I was talking to Vince about it yesterday and he thought that was so morbid, but I definitely consider it a good milestone. I would obviously like to keep her cooking for many more months, but just in case she does come early, it's nice to know we're in the 50-70% survival rate range. 

Excited About: Baby wearing and smelling my baby. (Freeaaaaaakk.) 


  1. Tell VInny that when he's cuddling, she is just letting him know she recognizes him and can't wait to meet you two!

    1. That's a good idea! He's definitely coming around to it and is starting to think it's cool, especially when he feels a really big kick. :) So cute!

  2. I love love love this! It's fun to hear about the little things I don't always hear about...
    and also, last night we were all watching my belly move. The toddler was really interested and gave my belly a kiss, then said he was ready for bed and laid his head on my belly. He got kicked in the face and looked so mad/confused ha ha, cutest thing ever!

  3. I'm so glad that you have been feeling better! Also, babywearing is the best. Sollybabywrap is the best one! Look it up! So stretchy and breathable an they are all natural US made, and stylish too. :D