Friday, November 29, 2013

A funny story. (Or two.)

Ok, so a couple of stories mixed into one.

The lecture for my micro class is in a large lecture hall with about 200 students, give or take. We have stadium style seats with the little pullout desks like this: (though multiple the amount of seats by 3)
But with the seats being more like this:

i.e., not comfortable, super small/close together, and all connected via one long bar beneath the seats.  Each of the seats are attached to the bar by a welded piece of steel that's a couple of inches wide, and quite thick. Regardless I've managed to break two of the chairs completely off.

I sit in the same spot in the classroom each time and have since the beginning of the semester. Halfway through the semester I was in the classroom at night for a special study review for a test we were having the next morning, and the chair was feeling a little wobbly, like I was able to rock it a bit back and forth. When I left for the night, the chair was still intact, but when I came in the next morning, the chair was broken clear off the bar. Totally unsalvageable. It was fine when I left it, though, so I don't know how it broke!

Needless to say, I moved down a couple of spots to a new chair where no one consistently sat. But guess what? IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Over time my chair started to feel a bit wobbly, like I was in a rocking chair, and got to the point where I knew it was about to break off. I definitely felt like if I sat in it one more time, it'd break off in the middle of class and be highly embarrassing. So I moved seats, once again.

At this point my teacher, SI (I don't actually know what that stands for, but he's essentially a student aid for my teacher and does study sessions) and everyone around me knew the first chair I was sitting in was broken, and they quickly realized the second one was broken too. We all laughed about it, but I still don't know how I managed to break two chairs! None of the other chairs in the class were broken and they were relatively new chairs. I do move a lot during lecture because when I sit normal, my legs hit the back of the chair in front of me so I have to sit cross legged, which means I switch back and forth a lot. Maybe I'm just rocking it to much? Either way, I guess this is why the school charges so much in tuition.

Ok, so slightly changing gears. I told you that story so you'd understand a single line in the next story about how awesome my teacher is. Ha!

For the same micro class we have the chance to turn in an extra credit assignment for 2%. A girl in my class turned hers in a couple weeks ago and when my teacher brought up the assignment in class, she mentioned that she turned hers in but never got a response from him. He told her that she didn't specify in the email that she wanted a response, so he didn't feel the need to respond to it. So when I emailed him my paper yesterday on HIV, this is what I wrote:

Hey ----, (name redacted to protect the innocent)

Here is my extra credit assignment. If you could please hire a skywriting service to notify me that you received this, that would be great. I live in the downtown area and will keep my eye on the sky for a while. :)

In all seriousness, can you let me know you got my paper? I'm a paranoid person and assume no email is ever received by the recipient when it comes to assignments. 

Steffani Rideau
(The fatty in Section 2 who breaks chairs.) 

And this was his response:

no worries, the message should say steffani has turned in a paper on HIV but i could only afford steffani has hiv. either way you are covered.

😄 nn

My teacher is seriously the best.


  1. Haha ^_^ It's so great when you can have a joke with a teacher or professor. And I'm sure it's just dodgy seating ;)

  2. hahah that is hilarious! what a witty exchange! so happy i stumbled across your blog! its adorable! anddd I am your newest follower! hey-o! hope you can swing by mine sometime =]

    xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog