Saturday, October 26, 2013


I have like twenty drafts that I haven't posted that are all half finished. I sit down to write and just feel meeeeehhhhhh. So you get random pictures instead, mostly tidbits of my house, with few words.

Fun Magnets. Also a notepad that has a picture of a little girl I don't even know.
We've figured out how to wash dishes like adults! This set-up works well for us and we are more inclined to wash dishes right after we use them.
Good for the soul: local raw honey.
So many leaves. I'd like to rake them up and jump in them!
Little spice triangle above the stove. So handy. Also, I had to buy a new container of curry powder which was so exciting because it means I'm using it a lot.
Flowers from my neighbor. I need to give people flowers more often.
Water for daaaaays.
Tea/coffee shelf on kitchen wall and food cart/appliance holder.
Hike in the woods.
PUMPKINS! On the kitchen counter.
More leaves.
Making shirt after shirt for Brake Less Support.
Trees in the yard.
And more trees. Not in my yard.


  1. Random, but how many ounces is that honey?

    1. 46 oz! It's a large open mouth mason jar.

  2. Your fridge makes me happy. Ours is pretty cluttered too. I like looking at things that make me happy when I walk by it!
    You and the baby have something in common... we started him on avocados this week and he seems to really like them, at least compared to carrots and sweet potatoes which he hated ha ha.
    I shold give people flowers too. I never think about that, but I know how much I love flowers so I'm sure other people do too!

    1. Happy things on the fridge make life better!

      I've recently been hating carrots as well (well, cooked carrots) so me and baby are more alike than you know! haha

  3. You need to put the spices somewhere else beside over the stove unless you use them up with in a month. The heat will zap the flavor even if they are sealed. I know, bossy, bossy!. Love the leaves. Mine are currently buried under a foot of that nasty white stuff!

    1. It's above a burner we never use! We only use one that is far enough away so no heat reaches it. The shelf is super tiny and high above the actual stove. :) We're supposed to get some snow tomorrow!

  4. Ooh Steff how did I miss this post on my feed -_- These kind of posts are pretty much my favourite ever. Little snippets that satisfy how nosy I am ^_^ I like the tidbits of your house, especially your jazzy fridge and pumpkins on the counter!