Friday, December 7, 2012


Things have been pretty good. Here are some reasons:

|| I most likely have a new awesome second job next semester! In addition to working at the place I work now selling' Pin the Penis on the Man' games, funny t-shirts, and 'Coffee Makes Me Poop' mugs, I will also be a Biology Lab Tech at my college. It still pays crap, but it'll be good experience and something fun to do.

|| I've been eating WAY too much good food.
What, how did that In-N-Out receipt get there?! And yes, that is a peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich on homemade grain free bread.
I've been thinking of having some kind of 'healthy food for dummies' thing here on the blog. There are SO many people who comment/text/message me saying that the food I cook is so healthy and they can never do it because they don't cook, when really it takes fifteen minutes and is super easy. Would you be interested? Over the past couple years I've really grown to love good and healthy food and could talk about it for lifetimes, so I want to share it with people! For shits and giggles, here is a poll. Also, if there is anything you specifically want to learn about/how to do, leave a comment or message me!

|| This link about assumptions that reminds me of an old post. That a weird garbage bag on the side of the road contains either the whole body of a child or assorted body parts of an adult.

|| I'm reading a book that Sara recommended, Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be. It is SO funny. It's diary style (obviously) so it's a quick read. 

|| I'll only be taking 12 credits next semester. It seems like SUCH a small amount since I've been doing 16 or 17 credits the past couple semesters. I'll have so much more time even though I'll also be working two part time jobs! I'm only taking 12 credits because this will be my last semester at the community college and I'll have the maximum amount of credits I can have that will transfer to Northern Arizona University. Woohoo!

|| I've been crafting again with the aid of my trusty side-kick who messes things up. I'm making a cute little quilt, finishing the Christmas table runner (how the heck is Christmas already so close) and some Christmas presents. 

|| Listening to this song. It just makes me want to go on a road trip with friends I grew up with and sing on repeat, even though it's not a happy song. Because hello, we all know the words to this song.

|| Family pictures with my sister, her boy, and baby girl. My niece was refusing to take pictures and kept hiding her face or pointing at the camera and shouting, 'NO!' I was so worried I didn't get any good ones of her! Fortunately, I got plenty and my sister loved them.

|| Happiness, it's all around me. Friends are happy, family is happy, things are good. Real good.


  1. I am definitely excited about the food posts... and am also hoping you share some grain-free bread recipes! I have found a few recently using coconut and/or almond flour, along with a few things I'm not as big a fan of, like potato starch, so I'm excited to see what all you come up with! And I still love those pictures of your sister and her family like crazy! =]

    1. I'm glad your excited! I'll be sure to post about the paleo bread just used 1/2 a cup of coconut flour!

  2. I've been getting into more healthy food lately and I'm always interested in seeing new recipes!

  3. Great photos...and a terrific outlook, Steffanie! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts. Best of the season to you, "Farmer Doug" @ Ladybug's Mew in Yellow Point, B.C. Canada

    1. Thanks Farmer Doug! Happy holidays!