Sunday, December 23, 2012


Why would I dress as Super(wo)man in the middle of December? Because I can.
But mainly because we dress up at work in the few days before some holidays and there was no way I was going to be left out! It's such a fun thing to do and kids and adults both equally love it. A couple kids asked for a picture and a dad pointed me out while I was filling my water bottle and said, 'See, even Superwoman drinks water!" It made me want to dress up every day of the week.

Me and a few amazing coworkers. (Super-Awesome, Batman, Rudolph, Purple Flash, and me)

The night before, at 9:45, I realized that I had nothing planned to wear for superhero day and went into panic mode. After a few google searches, I decided Superman would be the easiest costume to make. I headed to my fabric box, found a red piece of fabric that was somehow the exact length I needed, and a cape was made.

I just cut a slit every few inches about an inch from the top, weaved some yard through it, and ta-da!  A cape with the perfect length to smoothly flow behind me and make me look amazing was made. I made the yarn long enough so that it could go under my armpits and tie behind my back. It made it SO much more comfortable and didn't choke me all day.

To make the S shield, I cut out the shape in yellow felt. Then, on a sheet of paper I sketched out the S while looking at a picture online, cut it out on red fabric, and hot glued the S onto the yellow felt. BAM. Pair it with some sparkly earrings from work, and shit's done. As for the belt, I just cut a strip of yellow fabric and tie it around my waist.

Total time for the costume? 15 minutes. Huzzah. I now have something aside from my cat costume to wear for Halloween! The only thing missing was a pair or red undies and some red fabric around my boots, which I plan on adding if I ever wear it for Halloween.


  1. I love it! I used to work for an awesome orthodontist in Flag who had themed days all the time! We had 80s day, 70s day, dressed up for Halloween of course, Hawaiian days since our office was Hawaiian themed, all got to wear jeans and Santa hats before Christmas, etc. Such a great place to work!
    Also, those earrings are adorable!!

    1. It's so fun to dress up, especially when it's unexpected. People love it!

  2. I love the new heading! Does that mean you're working on a new post?! =D