Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Halloween in November

Oh my heck, school is almost over and I feel like I haven't learned anything because it's just gone by so fast. But then I stop and think about it and realize I can tell you every bone in you body as well as at least 58 muscles and what they do, and I realize my brain is probably just too full to realize what's going on.

It's also too full to realize how fast time is going by, apparently. I haven't even posted Halloween pictures! So here I am to share them.

We had a few days of partying (and by partying, I mean I was sober and hung out with a bunch of drunk people).

The first party we went to was my coworkers house. She had some games planned and they were fun! It reminded me of a Mormon party, but with alcohol and scantily clad women. I didn't have my costume ready yet (I couldn't find my cat tail and ears from previous years costumes) but I had bought a cute Jack-O-Lantern shirt from Target, so I wore that. Vince was stressing out about what to wear and I remembered that we had my onesie still, so he went as a baby. Well, gangsta baby, specifically. He spend the whole night swearing up a storm, telling people he was 'this many' and holding up two fingers, and just being utterly ridiculous.

On the way there we stopped by the gas station to get him a beer because we weren't sure what there would be at the party, and he looked so funny. I guess when he walked in the lady working just busted up laughing, and other people looked at him strangely.

(Picture stolen from a coworker.) Aren't my coworkers awesome?!

The second party was the next night at a coworkers of Vince's/friends of ours. We had some friends over before to get ready with us. We were quite the group! Ms. Piggy + Kermit, a 'gangsta baby', and a cat.

Roxanne was clearly not pleased with the debauchery going on.

At the party, a group of our friends played some music and another threw fire. Needless to say, it was a fun night!

The next night (or a few days later, I don't remember) we had some people over to carve pumpkins and eat food!

Is that middle pumpkin amazing, or what? It's a house with the peaks and clouds behind it! Clearly I did not win the contest with my lantern on the right.

The guy we picked up from the airport is apparently an artist and drew a picture of Vince on his pumpkin. It's a pretty close portrait! We ended up not carving this one and it's still in our kitchen waiting to be cooked into a stew.

So that was our Halloween! How was yours?
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  1. Aw, so fun! And you are such a cute cat!
    Our Halloween was just a boring night at home with a scary movie, didn't have any trick-or-treaters. We never do though, always live in weird places.
    What kind of stew do you make with pumpkin!? That sounds delicious!

    1. I've been a cat every year for like 5 years! haha

      That's typically how our Halloweens are. We don't get tricker treaters, we don't have kids, and I don't drink very much so it's just like any normal day for us!

      I haven't made a stew in it before, but I saw a recipe for a regular beef stew, but you cook it in the pumpkin. When everything is cooked, you scoop out the stew and scrape the inside too to get chunks of pumpkin!

  2. That drawing of Vince is awesome!