Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the old...

...and in with the new!

As you may have noticed, I've got a new header and color scheme. Like it? I love it. I've also updated my 'About Me' tab at the top and will very soon have a post for my 'Tattoos' section that will have pictures of all my tattoos in one place. I'm sure you're just dying to see it. Also, the 'Current Goals' section will be updated to reflect my new goals!

I also added a bit of pink to my hair because apparently I like to pretend I'm 12 years old and not a married and full-grown adult who plans on being a doctor. It's the little things in life.

(To read more details from my goals last year, click here.)
Take a picture of all the food I waste. Fail 
Ya, that did not happen. But, the good news is there was rarely any food that was wasted! Vince and I were both great about eating everything, and once we started juicing, anything that was close to going bad we'd just juice. 

Eat more whole and healthy foods. Success
Blew this out of the water. I've somewhat easily transitioned from a gluten free diet to a mostly paleo diet. (More on that below) This means the only things I eat are whole and healthy foods! 

Join/visit the local CSA. Success 
I joined the CSA for a few months, but wasn't completely happy with it. The good news is that I'm no longer curious about it, I learned from it, and I am not intimidated by it.

Sign up with Bountiful Baskets again. Success
We did! We got the organic basket for the first time. While we really liked it and thought it was great for the price, it hasn't been working out. The pickup times aren't the greatest for us and now that there is a new natural grocery store in town, I can find things for a pretty equal price. Plus, I seemed to get a lot of lettuce, which I don't like. Spinch luvver 4 lyf!

Eat less meat. Success and Fail 
Well, at the beginning of the year we ate less meat, but towards the end of the year we transitioned to a paleo lifestyle which includes tons of meat! We now only eat free-range, grass fed, and organic meat, however.

Four out of five goals completed? Amazing.

Read 48 books. I read 48 books this year and I think I can do it again!

Have a baby. 'Nuff said.

Write one sentence in a notebook every day. It can be anything. A quote, what I did that day, anything. Vince plans on doing this as well so we can review it at the end of the year. 

Do as much volunteering as I can. I have a lot of awesome things planned like some health services opportunities, the ER, and some science research. And maybe a river trip where I count animals and/or plants so it's considered volunteering. 

Apply for 15+ different scholarships. I want free money.

Be completely dairy free for one month. I am already 97% paleo, but until last week I've had organic milk in my diet. I can't seem to not drink a glass of milk multiple times a day! I've slowly weened myself off it the past week and I plan on not having any for the month. I might add it back after that time to see how I feel, but if I don't crave it, I won't do it. 

Eat what feels right. So far I've been extremely happy with the paleo lifestyle, and I plan to continue it. I do, however, want to give myself room to change. If I change my mind over the year and want to switch foods I'm eating, I'm allowed to! I just need to listen to my body so I know what it actually needs, while still ignoring the craving to eat 5,000 cherry Sour Patch Kids.


  1. But what if your body NEEEEEEEDS those cherry Sour Patch Kids? Like for example, I've heard that you should listen to pregnancy cravings because your body craves what it needs. I craved Cheetos yesterday so I got some. Did my stomach hurt afterwards? Yes. Did I get the much-needed Cheeto nutrients into the baby? Also yes. That's what mothers do. They make sacrifices for their children.

    But in all seriousness, good luck with all of your goals! I am excited for your for all of them, but most especially for a baby of course. I am still really curious to see if one of us has a boy and one a girl like my dream!

    And I love the notebook idea SO MUCH! I am going to ask Ryan if he'll do something like that with me too!

    If you do the river trip, which I hope you do (if only so I can live vicariously through you) do you already know where you'd go? If it's the San Juan, a bunch of my friends are river guides on it now and I think it'd be pretty cool if you wound up going with one of them!

    1. If it's for the sake of the baby, i say go for it. =P I'm curious to see how I'll be when I'm pregnant. I get some crazy cravings regularly but find ways to not fulfill them, so I hope i can find some way around it when I'm pregnant! But, if I eat stuff that's unhealthy I honestly don't care. Growing a baby is a pretty damn good excuse to eat Cheetos. And hot Cheetos dipped in ranch. Just sayin'.

      It would be awesome if we had one of each! I wanted a boy badly before, but now we've decided on a super cute girl name so I want a girl just so I can use it sooner! hahaha such a dumb reason. But either way, I'd obviously be happy...I just want a baby!

      At first I said to Vince that we'd write it on a slip of paper and put it in a jar (it's something I saw on a friend's FB) but he said the slips would be too much and too unorganized at the end. I agreed and he came up with the notebook idea! I really like it, and it's something you can continue with for more than one year and have it all be together!

      I don't have any idea what trips I'd go on yet. I'm emailing the guy about it in a few weeks, so I might have a better idea then! I know a ton of river rats too (probably the same as you!) so it would be fun!

    2. Ha, so funny, right now Cheetos sound DISGUSTING and I can't believe I ate them. Most of the time, my cravings are decently healthy... or else a "healthier unhealthy." I always want pears, sometimes feel like I desperately need some beef, and the past few days would kill for some jalapeno poppers! Not the absolute healthiest but I wouldn't fry them or anything, and I also like to put teensy onion and tomato bits into them so there ya go. =P
      That is so funny! I always thought I wanted a boy because a teenage girl would be scary... but then once I realized they'd both be scary I decided I didn't really care.
      Ryan said no on the notebook ha ha. He's not interested... but I can still do it!!
      My river rat friends are Heidi, Will, Erika and Miles. You know those cats? I figured I'd leave out their last names, just in case.

    3. I feel like if you eat healthy a majority of the time like you do, it's not bad to splurge! I don't want to be unhappy about anything and don't like to make myself feel bad or anything! But poppers sound SO good! The girls I nanny can't have cows milk so they eat almond cheese and it's soy/gluten free. I might have to try it with some poppers now!

      You should still do the notebook! I think it'd be so fun to write down the most important thing from that day and go back over it later!

      I know everyone but Erika!

    4. Yeah, I think it's better to find healthy foods you enjoy and eat these then try to force myself to eat healthy foods I hate and then freak out and eat like an entire chocolate cake or something.
      I used almond "cheese" on Ryan's half of our Christmas Eve pizza and he really liked it! I didn't try any, but I got a block of it and it grated nice and normal.
      I was thinking about doing some kind of 365 project like some people do but wasn't sure what to photograph so the notebook is an even better idea!
      That's so cool, maybe you'll wind up hanging out with all of them this summer! I know Heidi super well, of course. I used to date one of Will's friends so I hung out with him every few days for a long time and I had Miles in an English class but I very rarely talk to those two anymore. They are still super fun though!

    5. Ya, I agree. If I ate stuff I didn't like all the time I would totally freak out and veg out on bad food like most people do on diets!

      I'm glad he liked the cheese! I'll definitely have to try it as a treat then. It's pretty expensive, but those poppers are totally calling my name. =P

    6. I'm getting the stuff and making them tomorrow!! =D

  2. I am so loving your new layout and your new hair!!! Way to start the year off right. Also please don't have a baby. You're like one of three people I know who isn't pregnant or something....DON'T LEAVE MEEEE.

    Anyway, happy new year!! I always love your awesome food goals and your recipes and photos, keep em comin. Im the only organic only wannabee sugar plum fairy I know. I need your inspiration LOL

    1. Thank you! I love changes. As for babies, I just can't say no! haha I'll be keeping it a secret for at least the first 3 months, so you have at least 4 more months of me being baby free, if not more. =P

      I'm glad we're the same, food wise! When I post about it, sometimes I feel like I'm being an asshole about it, so it's good to hear from people who like it. =)

      Happy New Year! I hope it was the best time ever in Sweden!

  3. Pink hair! <3

    I really like your goal to eat what -feels- right; really listening to what your body wants and needs is so important!

    Good luck with all your goals (especially with baby...How exciting!)

  4. Hey, I found your blog when I did a random Google search for a gluten free item. I'm new to the GF lifestyle so I'm looking for some inspiration (and recipe ideas), so I hope you don't mind the random follow! I really enjoy your blog! :)

    1. Welcome! I always love new readers! If you have any questions, just let me know. i could talk for days about being gluten free!

  5. We were totally trying for a 2012 baby (starting trying December 2011), and she finally arrived Jan. 1, 2013. I suggest that if that happens, you still count your goal as met!! :D It is just about impossible to control when that will happen.

    Great goals!