Monday, September 3, 2012

To Do List Complete

Today was supposed to be a school day so I had the day off work, but since it's Labor Day, I didn't actually have anything! So here was my to-do list for the day:

Have brunch with my family at 11. 
Hang the fern and research how to care for them.
Clean the toothbrush holder/get out new toothbrush heads.
Do A&P homework.
Research animals for Bio II.
Create a new budget.
Download some 50 Cent music.
Finish pre-cal homework.
Go to the library and pick up Saving Ceecee Honeycutt for The Traveling PhoBookClubber book club.
Finish the rest of my gluten free black bean brownie-cake.
Pick up a firewire to transfer my laptop info to my desktop.

So here's how the day went down:
Have brunch with my family: Complete
I had brunch at my dad and step moms with one of my younger brothers and his friend, my sister, my niece, and The Chickens.
Vince and my brother both had to work, but it was mainly for mine and Suzanne's birthday anyway. I saw a bee's nest, which was actually a hornet's nest according to my Facebook peeps.

I didn't know that and I blame the 7 year old who told me it was a bee's nest. I should know what a hornet's nest is because when I was younger I was at a family reunion and I stuck my hand behind an old chair that was in a barn and stuck my hand right into a hornet's nest. My hand swelled up and turned purple and I screamed and screamed. It totally sucked, especially when my dad forced me to run my hand under cold water. Moving on.

Hang the fern and research how to care for them: Complete, sort of

My god. This fern I have has been living great and growing fully until it just decided to kill itself. It's been slowing shriveling away, despite me not doing anything different! So now I've moved it and trimmed it up. After hanging it I did the research and learned it shouldn't actually be in direct sunlight (which it hasn't been this whole time) so I need to move it again. Awesome. I also learned I should be spraying it frequently with a spray bottle and I need to give it 'food'. I have some stuff that's similar to Miracle Grow but it organic and non-death inducing so I'll be giving it more of that and getting it some new soil and possibly a larger pot. All of this except the 'food' costs money, though, which I don't have.

Clean the toothbrush holder/get out new toothbrush heads: Complete
First I had to step over a scared dog that was hiding from the thunder and lightening in the bathroom.

We use an electric toothbrush that's amazing, but it was getting dirty. So now it's clean and we have new toothbrush heads.

My life is so exciting, guys!

Do A&P homework: Complete
I took 3 quizzes and passed. That's all.

Research animals for Bio II: Complete

I'm ready to present on Tuesday night! Since I only have Word on my MacBook until i can transfer it to the iMac, I was working on two computers.

Create a new budget: In Progress
I'm saving up for something fun and need to incorporate it into the budget. More to come later.

Download some 50 Cent music: Complete
I love 50 Cent an insane amount. I've lost most of my rap CDs (ahem, my sister stole them) over the years so I need to rebuild my collection. I've also listened to the 50 Cent Pandora station for the past 5 hours and am in heaven. Welcome back to my life, 50, welcome back.

Finish pre-cal homework: Complete
Homework is done, which is always so satisfying. This first week was a strange transition into doing homework/studying and I couldn't seem to figure out how to do it. Now that I've completed some assignments I'm back in the groove and loving it. It's such a thrill to finish something!

Go to the library and pick up Saving Ceecee Honeycutt for The Traveling PhoBookClubber book club: In Progress
Turns out that I forgot the library is closed on Labor Day. Tomorrow will be the day!

Finish the rest of my gluten free black bean brownie-cake: Complete

I made it the other night and it was amazing. I've kept it in the fridge to make it more dense and it's so fantastic! I used pumpkin puree instead of apple sauce, by the way.

Pick up a firewire to transfer my laptop info to my desktop: In Progress
I'm headed to the store right now. Be prepared for some more trip posts soon!

So I pretty much completed all on my to-do list today. I'm amazing.


  1. Woo hoo, you're awesome! I LOVE days like that, where my whole To Do list is completed! I replied to your comment... I have a whole page dedicated to the bookclub so I sent you the link there, but it's also on a tab at the top of my blog. =]
    Saving up for something fun?! YAY! =D
    I love your adorable cake pan and the brownies look amazing! I have some brownies myself I'll probably polish off tonight after dinner. =]

    1. Ok, the blog is now updated. Also, I'm not a blubber but a clubber! haha

    2. Ha ha sometimes I'm a blubber, depending on the book. =P

  2. Oh, I love me some to do lists. Ferns rule. Dogs rule. 50 Cent rules. Hooray!

    Also, that workout book is turning out to be way awesome. I'm slowing working through it cause I've been so busy, but you have to borrow it when I'm done. It's all based on exercise science, which is fascinating.

    1. To do lists are the only things that allow me to get stuff done!

      I'll have to see if it's available at the library. I love that it has science to back it up!

  3. That is a crazy-looking hornets nest. Where is that?

    Also, I think Roxy is adorable!

    1. It's at my dad and Pam's, so grandma and grandpa's! It's under the water storage tanks by the trampoline.

      Yes, Roxi is adorable,but I laugh so hard when she hides!

  4. Does it help you to achieve goals if you write them on your blog (I'm also relating to your 'goals' tab)? My current goals are similar to your last year's. :) I have to try this brownie-cake!

    1. It helps and it's also more fun! If I'm going to clean the toothbrushes it's more fun if I can take a picture and tell people about it, and completely stupid as it sounds! Also, it's nice to go back to a post like my goals tab to say, 'Oh yes! I wanted to work on that!' instead of keeping it in mind and forgetting about it or writing it down and losing the paper.