Friday, July 6, 2012

I can't think of a title.

Last night as I was putting away laundry with Vince, I took a gander through my clothes wondering which ones i wanted to take on vacation with us. After a brief glance, i realized I don't wear a lot of my clothes anymore, and some, despite owning them for over a year, still have tags on them! Most of the ones that have tags are from big 'shopping sprees' at the Rue 21 sales racks. I say 'shopping spree' because I can get 10 items of clothing for only 20 bucks and sadly lose them in our small closet. One way to fight my consumer blues is to actually wear the clothes I bought.

So this morning, I clipped the tags off this cute 'dress' I bought last year and wore it with my yellow pants. Clearly, it wouldn't fit me as a dress, but it worked great as an in-between shirt!
Do I even have to tell you how awkward it is to take your own picture? I don't know how you fashion bloggers do it...
The necklace I got for FREE at a yard sale a few years ago!
You can't even tell I've eaten half a watermelon before taking this picture.
I got these shoes at Target a while ago, and if I could buy them in every color I so would. They are so comfy and simple!


  1. Yay, I think it's adorable! I always think it's funny how poorly clothing is made, in the sense that that mid-thigh-ish dress barely skims your butt but would probably come to my knees lol.
    I rarely take my own picture like that anymore because I feel too awkward. In Flagstaff I'd always tell people I was doing an assignment and was a photography student (which was at least halfway true) but in Prescott and Casper, where there is no NAU, that's a little harder for people to buy.

    1. I should just tell people I'm a photography student! hehe I always say, "I have a blog..." and then they give me an even weirder look!

  2. This outfit is sooooo cute!!! I love Rue 21 but getting to them is hard, they're in really weird locations here in Salt Lake. Still I try to go at least a few times a year. Also I'm super excited for your vacation :D STOP BY AND SEEE MEEEEE

    1. I tried to convince Vince to let us meet up, but he wasn't having it! the campsite we were supposed to stay at was like an hour away and he wouldn't let me stop so soon after we started driving. Shit got crazy though and we ended up being in SLC for dinner but had no way to let you know we were there! We got PF Changs to go though and we saw the Rue 21! If that was my option for a Rue 21 I'd never go there, parking was freaking stupid.

  3. i suck at taking fashion pictures too! btw, love that shirt/dress