Monday, April 30, 2012

Flower Power

Summer just might be here! The smells are so intoxicating and the energy is so invigorating. I love it!
A few weeks ago someone had glued some plastic animals to the fence by the train tracks crossing. I thought they were so cute and funny! The next day they were sadly gone. I'm hoping some kid took them and not someone like the police.


  1. Oh goodness, cherry blossoms are the most beautiful ever but they make me cry out of the right side of my face lol. We used to have one right in front of our door in our old condos and I cried every day until we moved and then was suddenly fine until the day I went back by there to see a friend.

    1. Just you right eye?! How weird haha They do kill me as well, though. My allergies are awful right now!

  2. so beautiful yet so bad for those with allergies like me haha