Friday, April 6, 2012

Another update post?

So I realize I've mainly been posting 'update' posts recently. Sorry about that, but maybe this post will explain it a little? Either way, I think of these posts as being awesome because there are so many topics you don't have to stay too focused! Haha.

Family Vince was on a ski/bike trip with some bros up in Reno, Nevada/Squaw Valley, California for a week last week. He had an awesome time getting wasted, cruising around Reno, and meeting a ton of new people. Meanwhile, I was at home having the craziest week between school and work and having to take care of Roxi. Roxi made it through the week with me being the single mama and now she loves me more. I would feel so bad leaving her inside a lot so I'd take her on 2+ mile walks every day and a couple of hikes in the woods, which meant she was able to run free without a leash and get super tired!

I've been using the baby gate with Roxi that I use for my niece with Alyla! There were dogs playing next door and Roxi kept barking at the fence, and this solved the problem! 

School School is awesome yet scary. I'm still doing killer in all of my classes and I'm still loving what I'm learning, so that's a good sign. In biology right now we're learning about genetics which is something I LOVE. The more I learn about what we know about science/life, the more I do NOT believe in God. I've had a few people ask me, 'Doesn't learning about this stuff make you believe that there has to be a god out there?' And then I want to laugh in their face because, no; learning about all this insane and beautiful stuff does not make me think that one man is smart enough to create these mind-blowing organisms that make up our universe. (And I don't mean to offend anyone who believes in God, to each his own!) I mean, really?! Anyways, I'm loving what I'm learning and sometimes I'm just so fascinated with it I have to take a step back and laugh at myself.

The scary part is that I'm going to be getting into my real classes soon. I'm taking 2 summer classes and 3 classes next semester, and then I have to transfer to the university! Once I'm at the university (instead of community college) I'll be in all upper level classes. I'm excited about it!

Work I've been loving my new job! It's different from any job I've had before, and that's been good. I love the people I work with (not that I didn't love the people I worked with at the library!) and I'm finally myself again. Before I worked at the library, I was loud, joked around, and was frequently obnoxious. I had to tone it down, though, and I didn't realize how much I did until I got this new job. Now I'm able to be loud, dance all silly and be more myself than before. It's so fun and I'm realizing how much happier I am with this change!

It's been a little difficult to make the transition from just school to school and work, but I'm finally getting it figured out. It was mainly hard for me at the beginning because I wasn't used to standing on my feet for so long! I'd get off a shift and my feet and ankles would hurt. I used to be able to do 13+ shifts at a restaurant easily, but I'm not used to that anymore. Fortunately I'm adapting quickly and don't have a problem anymore.

Phone I've downloaded the Oregon Trail and I can say it's the best $.99 I've ever spent. I loved it as a kid and it seems to be the same on the phone!! I beat it on medium, so now I'm going to try it on hard and see if I can escape dying from dysentary or being taken away from a flying eagle!

Working Out So I've totally dropped the ball on this recently. I haven't quite found that time in my schedule yet to fit it in, but I'm hoping now that the weather is warming up it'll be easier since I won't have to drive to the gym. I've really missed working out and I love it when I'm able to get a hike in with Roxanne or a long walk. I'm planning on making it a priority again because it's very beneficial to my happiness!

Reading I finally got around to reading Sara's book The End! I loved it and it was such a good read. I'm bad at reviews, so if you want to know what it's about, click here and read other people's reviews.

I've started The Fates Will Find Their Way by Hannah Pittard and so far, so good. I started A Million Little Pieces by James Frey as well. I went into that book being super excited about it be an autobiography until I read the part about him actually lying! It made me super sad that he did that. I'd be happy reading the book if it started out as fiction, but now I can't get over the part about him lying! Oh well, we'll see if I finish it. (Anyone on GoodReads? Find me under Steffani Rideau and add me as a friend!)

So that's all I've got folks!


  1. Your dog is precious!!

    Oh I could go on forever and ever and ever about the amazing journey of becoming an atheist. But I'll just summarize with saying, I know how exciting it is!!! I'm glad you get to experience something so beautiful (ironically I sound like a believer talking to someone who's just found faith, ha!)

    Glad that things seem to be going well for you, elsewhere too! :D

    1. I haven't believed in any religion for years and years now, but this is just rediscovering what I already know haha

  2. Let's update in person!! (I realized I just used this as if it were a Facebook wall, but I'm not on there anymore, so this will have to do!) I'll text you this afternoon :)

    1. I texted you! Let's see each other. =)

  3. Aw thanks for the book promotion! You're the best!
    I have A Million Little Pieces sitting on my shelf too but I'm not sure if I want to read about it because I keep hearing the same thing. Maybe it'll be different though since I already know it's coming?

    1. Yep!

      I definitely want to read it at some point, but I think it'll be one of those books I having to really be in the mood for to sit down and read it. I won't be able to just pick it up and hope for the best haha