Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Humpty-Dumpty 3.28.12

Say what, a Humpty-Dumpty? It just so happens that I have today off so here it is. I'm also being incredibly lazy today and I'm hoping that by doing something semi-productive like this I will be motivated to do more with my day, like laundry, dishes, homework, or hey, just getting out of my pajamas!

Since I haven't done a photo dump in a while I have a bit more than usual!

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From left to right.
||1|| Due to the fact that I kept posting healthy pictures on Instagram, I wanted to post a picture of another thing I drink most mornings: Pepsi! I still try not to eat/drink a lot of sugar, but Pepsi helps me stay full longer at work since I'm not a breakfast person. (Unhealthy, I know!)
||2|| A couple of my aunts and uncles were in town and my stepmom Pam insisted on playing Twister! The only person who would play with her was my Aunt Merry, however, and she was the winner and pushing Pam over! Hehe.
||3|| New hat, that you totally can't see in the picture. I don't need a reason to post a picture of my face, ok?

||4|| My hair, after a long session of shoveling snow.
||5|| The 2+ feet of snow we got! The few days before the storm was the 'warm before the storm' and we were wearing shorts! And then we got dumped on over 2 days. Yes, that's almost a foot a day!
||6|| And literally 3 days after the storm? THE SNOW WAS MELTED. It was so freaking crazy. One day we were wearing snow boots, shoveling so much snow, and the college was closed, and the next it just vanished and we were back to shorts. I haven't even needed to wear a sweater when I walk to work at 9am!

||7|| Orange + Apple juice made in my new juicer. I LOVE carrot juice but it is ridiculously expensive so now I'm happy to make my own!
||8|| I finally put some pictures up on our kitchen wall that I painted a couple weeks ago. We're still going to add another row on the bottom, but this will do for now. I'll do another post here soon that talks about the pictures.
||9|| Chard! I love the colors of this tasty vegetable.

||10|| Rawr.
||11|| Gluten free cranberry muffin that I got from a place next to my work. A lady from there came and introduced herself to me because I'm new (where my job is located is in a little 'shopping center' of sorts with 5 other shops) and somehow we came upon gluten free food. They had just made muffins and chocolate cupcakes. of course I bought some and they were amazingly delicious and only ONE DOLLAR. If you are GF you know that $1 for a cupcake is insane, they are usually $3-$5!
||12|| I've become addicted to Draw something thanks to some classmates. This happened to be a 'WTF?! I can't figure this out!' picture. Can you guess what he was trying to draw? A s'more. That looks like nothing of the sort! Ok, kind of, but you don't roast the graham cracker. It threw me off.

||13|| Carrot, beet, apple and kale juice. This is mine and Vince's new go-to, but he adds ginger to his. Bomb dignity.
||14|| My niece has decided she doesn't like wearing her hair in pigtails anymore. After her nap she took them out and looked like a cute little Einstein! She is such a cutie!
||15|| Grapefruit from the CSA with a little bit o' salt. ♥


  1. Okay where is the $1 muffin place?! Is it inside the Old Town Shops, next door to the chocolate place with Diablo Burger right outside? I saw that place when I was there but had just eaten Diablo Burger so didn't go.
    Also, I've never heard of grapefruit with salt, just sugar! I for one can't handle grapefruit no matter how it's made (false, I'll accept Squirt or Ruby Red Squirt) but so many people just LOVE it!

    1. Yep, next to my store at Mix! They only have them every once in a while, but I keep writing comment cards and talking to the cooks to make it a regular thing. They were SO insanely moist and delicious, I was shocked and thought I was going to be sick because it couldn't possibly be gluten free. But it was!

      I LOVE squirt! But grapefruit with salt makes it WAY less tart.

    2. I am going to be in Flag for work for like a week soon. I'm doing overnights straight through so I don't know how much time I'll have to go out but I definitely want to try to make it over there at some point if possible. Thanks for letting me know!
      Also, that's good to know. Next time I'm offered a grapefruit I'll try it... but probably still won't like it. =/

    3. Hopefully they'll have some in!!

  2. The s'more looks like an ice cream sandwich to me. :D

    1. That's what I thought, so I kept trying to think of variations, like cookie, ice cream, sandwich, sammy, etc. I was SO far off haha

  3. oh my, i SUCK at draw somthing.

    1. I thought I did too, until I realize that every kind of sucks! haha

  4. Just got instagram (ANDROID WOOOOOO) I'm addicted, it's not even funny. I'm following you now! If you want to follow me I'm misspatriciaworley