Friday, January 13, 2012

What I plan to do with my wedding dress...

A photographer friend of mine (different than the friend who did my wedding{do I have some talented friends or what?!}) offered to do a day-after-wedding photo shoot, er...months-after-wedding...and after doing some googling some ideas, I'm stoked! I didn't have a 'real' engagement photoshoot because I needed to send invites RIGHT THEN so I just had my friend go down the road with us until we got a picture that was good to send out with the invites, so it will be nice to have photos not from the wedding.

I was searching for some unique trash the dress ideas to see if I wanted to do that, which led me to some great ideas for the future for my dress, since I'm not actually going to ruin my dress if I do a trash the dress shoot. It may have only been 40-ish dollars from a sales rack, but I am attached to it in the I married my husband in this and don't want to just get rid of it kind of way.
A lot of people cut their dress up to make things like pillows (um, not my kind of decor, white pillows?!), christening gowns (not religious), or to decorate their wedding albums (despite the fact that I LOVE scrapbooking, I want my photos to be in a simple album on black paper) but I'd prefer to keep my dress whole. There's not a whole lot of fabric to it, and it seems too wasteful! BUT I don't want to just have it hang in my closet.

So the first ongoing idea that I am SUPER happy with is to wear it every year on our anniversary for a date. My dress isn't over the top at all so I'd look slightly fancy, but not like a crazy woman trying to re-live her glory years. It's a fun way to continue wearing it and I love the idea of getting dressed up like that with my husband. If I age like my Gram (which I think/hope I will) then I'm bound to fit in my dress years from now!
Another fun idea is to have a bride's party! I'm accumulating (this doesn't feel like the proper word, but I'm too brain dead to think of anything else) more friends that are married and I think it would be a great night to all get together and talk about our husbands and our weddings...or just get drunk. Once summer comes around and a BBQ in the sun with sangria can take place, I'm definitely going to put this together. It would be fun to have people that aren't married as well and just have them wear bridesmaids dresses! It could just be a fun ladies evening in fancy dresses.

For the married ladies out there, what did you do with your wedding dress? For the non-married ladies, do you have an idea of what you want to do with your wedding dress?

P.S. Both my awesome photographer friends are on their pages here and here and see their amazing talent!


  1. Aw I LOVE this idea! You know how I am about money. I decided it would be wasteful to keep my wedding dress, especially since we didn't have the space for it, and to sell it on Craigslist to some bride who couldn't afford a brand new dress...
    but I just couldn't do it. I know I'll never wear it again, and I know that if I ever have a daughter it'll be a hideous design in her eyes, but I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the dress I married my husband in! 
    At one point we had joked about renting a tux and looking Just Married on each anniversary dinner but we didn't do it last year so I doubt we'll do it now. =]
    If you look like you just got married though, a lot of people will give you stuff for free!

  2. I think it's a super sweet idea to wear your dress on your anniversaries!  When I get married, I'd like it to be in a dress I can wear more than just for that one day, since I hope every time I wear it I'll feel the same sort of specialness I did on the day (^_^) Wishful thinking, maybe *chuckles* Your dress is so pretty too, it *needs* to be out and about where people can be like 'ooh look at her lovely dress!'

  3. Psh, your dress may have only been $40 but I really really love it. I really originally wanted a dress more like that but couldn't find any the right length for a short person like me. And while I loved my dress and felt like someone out of Pride and Prejudice, it was so uncomfortable I didn't couldn't keep wearing it and the terrible corset that came with it for more than a couple of hours before I changed into a shorter, more casual white dress. I also really do wish I could do more with it than hang it back up,  but who knows maybe I'll find something to do with it.

  4. If I had a dress that was worth something I may have sold it, but I'd probably end up like you and keep it! It's hard to give something like that away. I mean, after the wedding all you're left with is pictures, the husband and the dress!

    I loved your dress, it looked pretty timeless to me! But even so, most girls don't want to marry in their moms wedding dress, they want a new one!

  5. I think it will be fun, I wish I had a reason to wear it more than once or twice a year! I definitely recommend buying a cheaper dress that you can re-wear for sure though! 

    Thanks! <3

  6. It's funny because when it was on the rack, I didn't actually like it! The friends I was with said I should try it on, and I did it only for them! Luckily they pushed me though, it was perfect! I want to see a full picture of your dress!! I love the idea of corset dress but those things never fit me right.

  7. That's true... but I don't know, my mom remembers thinking her wedding dress would always be fashionable when she got married and... well, it's not.