Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm late...I'm late...I'm late for an important date! Woops. I forgot to post this yesterday.

Humpty-Dumpty...get it? An iPhone photo dump on hump day? I know, it's so clever I can't believe I actually thought of it on my own. This happens every Wednesday, or every Wednesday I manage to do it. Click here to see previous entries. Want to join in? Leave me a link!

||1|| Salad for lunch!

||2|| Roxanne and the stuffed animal skunk that my Grandma Jenkins sent her.

||3|| A step in the project I did this year for Christmas presents...more info to come!

||4|| I'm now addicted, despite the fact that I hated the first few bites.

||5|| Cauliflower, steak, and zuchinni over new favorite love!

||6|| Vince and Roxi on our walk through campus the other night.

||7|| I watched my best friend Annie jump into a frozen lake on New Year's Day. CRAZY!

||8|| Mini Cheesecakes before they hit the oven!

||9|| Finished cheesecake with strawberries on top!

||10|| We get a new apartment sized fridge on Tuesday which means I've have like 3 more square feet in my house. I've got the best landlord!


  1. I love this idea and want to participate soon! you should totally start a link up! is fairly easy!

  2. Ooh, how did you do the mini cheesecakes? Are there crusts? I must know! I'm an addict!

  3. I'll do that next week, thanks for the idea!

    This website! ^ I used 1/2 gingersnap cookies and half chocolate...they were so good and SO cheap!