Monday, January 9, 2012

A fly on the wall.

This conversation happened a few weeks ago I was getting ready to read in bed.

Me: Do you know where my headlamp is?

Vince: No, but it's broken, remember? That thing was a piece of crap.

Me: Umm. No, it was not a piece of crap. You're a piece of crap because you broke it.

I did NOT break it! I just pulled it out of my bag, and it wasn't broken because it's cheap crappy plastic.

That was a high end $50 headlamp. Shut. Up. You broke it. It was intact when I gave it to you, and now it isn't.

Well, I can just give you your Christmas present now. I got you a new headlamp!

Really?! Is it nice like my other one? Does it have the adjustable light setting? It better, because I always have it on the dimmest setting for reading in bed or it's too bright.

This one is nicer and more expensive than your cheap plastic one, so I'm sure it does.

Seriously, mine was a super nice one, I don't know how you broke it. And really, is it adjustable lighting? If not, I'm totally going to take it back.

Crap. I forgot it at work, I'll get it for you tomorrow.

The next day.

Vince: Hey babe, you ready for your present?!

Me: Ya, let me see! 

See? It's a nice one.

Ummm....seriously? That's the exact same one I had that you broke. This is just a different color. But really. It's the exact same. Oh, and look, you got it from Aspen Sports just like I did.

What? Nut uh, let me see that. *He compares it to the broken one that he found.* Huh. I guess you're right. Wait. What? I don't know what you're talking about.


And he walks away with his head held low in shame.

My 'big' camera is in the shop. Sorry for the blurry picture...


  1. Ha ha ha, men! 

    Looks pretty nice though! I got Ryan a headlamp for Christmas too, because "I lost his." (It was left in a Checker Auto Parts parking lot out on the road somewhere while he was fixing the brake lights on his truck... so in my defense, it could be either of our faults)

  2. I hate moments like that! That's something that always happens on road trips...we forget a shoe, a bag, a tent...too much stuff! haha