Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanks, Music

One thing that would be terrible to lose in my life is music. Everyone loves music! It's so enjoyable to go home and pick one of millions of songs to match your mood. It's such a simple fix to a bad day and a great background to a great day! These are two songs that I love love love and everytime they come on my iPod I can't help but to turn them up and belt them out. Vince loves to hate me in those situations!

The Capricorns - The New Sound
I  first heard this song in middle school or early high school and everytime I hear it I want to dance like a complete weirdo. I usually do!

Mika - Relax, Take It Easy
I feel like I've posted about this before, but everytime I hear this song I get shaky because I'm so excited to sing it! I feel like such a goof. If I could listen to this loudly every morning, I swear I would have so many more 'good' days!

Most of my music isn't so techno-ey (I like ska a whole lot more!) but I guess I've been in this kind of mood the past few days.


  1. :) my husband is a music buff too. I bought him one of those mega ipods I think it's like 160gig a few Christmas's ago. Best gift ever for a music lover, hah, he has it half way filled!

    Thanks for linking up! <3

  2. That's so much music! I'd be so afraid to lose it haha I have a 60 gig and even that's hard to fill up!