Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Humpty-Dumpty 12.21.11

Humpty-Dumpty...get it? An iPhone photo dump on hump day? I know, it's so clever I can't believe I actually thought of it on my own. This happens every Wednesday, or every Wednesday I manage to do it. Click here to see previous entries. Want to join in? Leave me a link!

From left to right.
||1|| Homemade fudge with sprinkles! I brought some to my work and Vince is bring some to his work tomorrow. I also made butterscotch fudge and peanut butter fudge with chocolate drizzles. ♥
||2|| My ceiling is leaking. It's deteriorating.
||3|| Dinner of champions: hot dogs...with no bun.
||4|| My nice Alyla!
||5|| Salads are the best made at home!
||6|| Sherpa-Derpa.
||7|| My tattoo is FINISHED.
||8|| The new plant I'm 'babysitting' from my grandparents that is now hanging in our bedroom.
||9|| Wine.
||10|| Beautiful snowy downtown! I love winter sometimes.
||11|| Dinnnerrrrr.
||12|| New gloves!


  1. Believe it or not I'm ACTUALLY doing this tonight, unlike last Wednesday when I said I was and didn't.  =]

    That fudge looks super yummy and your niece looks like she is getting so big! She's adorable!!

  2. that's a pretty bad ass tat!!

  3. Yay, I hope you do!

    The fudge is so good, just the recipe on the back of that marshmallow cream stuff! And yes, Alyla is getting so big it shocks me! haha

  4. Thanks! I'm going to post some full pictures of it soon once it's finally healed!