Thursday, December 1, 2011


My Car I’m thankful for my Subaru that can romp through the snow. For a couple years Vince and I chose not to have a car and for the most part, it was wonderful. But riding the bus on snowy days? Sucked. The buses were always running WAY late, yet I would still feel the need to get to the stop on time just in case, and my stop didn’t have any kind of shelter and was on a busy street. That meant that I was always so cold and when a big truck would fly by snow would go everywhere and a huge breeze would freeze me to my bones. I’m thankful that I now have a car that can get me safely and warmly to where I need to go.

Medicine I’m also thankful for Zicam. Over Thanksgiving Vince got sick, and then he got me sick. When I have a cold I’m usually not the coughing type, my head just gets overloaded with gunk and my eyes get swollen and watery and my face feels like it’s going to explode. It hurts so bad! But Zicam came to the rescue this time and I love it. My cold isn’t totally gone but it helps a LOT with the pressure in my head.

Food Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup. I used leftovers from Thanksgiving and this was SO perfect for my cold, as well as Vince’s. I forget how easy-peasy it is to make this soup (and chicken noodle) but I am definitely going to remember to make more of it throughout the winter!

Diagnosis' And the last thing I’m going to mention today is how thankful I am that I know I have celiac disease. I remember SO many holidays as a kid that I just felt awful and couldn’t explain to my parents why. I would just be so sick and I’m so so thankful that I’m not this year. I’m glad I have the knowledge and ability to prepare delicious food for my family and that I can be a healthy happy person eating it.


  1. Subaru's are awesome cars!!

    And wow, I have heard of SO many people becoming diagnosed with celiac disease recently. I'm glad you know now and can prepare foods the way you need them to enjoy them!

    Thanks for linking up again :) I enjoy reading your TT posts!

  2. Ya, I love my Subi!

    And I agree, a lot more people are realizing they have celiac! I've been GF for about 4 years now.

    I'm glad I have something to link up to, it's fun and I enjoy reading yours!

  3. It's so cold today! (Probably way moreso for you!) and as soon as I opened this I thought, "that's it. I'm getting some soup after this." =]

  4. Ya, there's like a foot of snow on the ground, if not more! Haha Hopefully you got your soup!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're comment was so sweet.

    I totally love that you said your car "romps" through the slow. Great word-choice haha

  6. No problem, your post was so sweet!

    Thanks =)