Monday, November 21, 2011


You know how 'they' say 'Everything in moderation?' Well, I've been posting a lot about what I love, so now it's time for what I hate. I'm not in a bad mood or anything, sometimes things just get on my nerves and it's nice to vent about it. (And with all that positivity out in the blogging world that sometimes makes me want to puke, I feel the need to counteract it. Ha!)

Whites (As in clothing, not people) Every time I do a load of white laundry, I always find something around the house that I forgot. It's especially annoying because my load in never full since I don't have that many whites, so I'm paying for a half-full load. Which, after my previous laundromat experiences, makes me mad.

Dog Hair It never ever ever ever ever goes away. Roxanne doesn't shed very much, but I can never get it all swept/mopped off the floor! There's always little tufts of her hair that never manage to make it to the trash.

Chapped Lips I drink massive amounts of water throughout the day, and if I have a day where I don't drink as much, my lips are immediately chapped for 3+ days! Nothing but time and more water seems to make it go away.

Dirty Keyboards Last week I took off all the keys on my MacBook and cleaned them all individually. I was so sick of looking at the brown grossness and the dog hair that was getting stuck in the keys. Now it looks brand new!

Loose Keys As a result of taking all my keys off last week, I haven't been able to put a few on correctly! The escape key, down arrow, and a shift button need a little finagling to work right.

Internet Oh my lord. My internet company was bought-out by a larger one and they touted that they were 'Faster and better than before!' But now it is WAY bad. Our internet was nice and fast before and I didn't have a single problem. Then after the company switched, I've had problem after problem and the internet is so slow. Screw you, Suddenlink! There's a new local Internet provider in town, and I keep meaning to drop by and try out their 30 day free trial, but I keep forgetting. Oof.

So, what are you hatin' lately? Come on, tell me you first world problems.


  1. Ha ha, I hate so many of those things! Also rude people, slow people, bad drivers, slow drivers, gluten, ill-fitting clothing, working too early, working too late, working too much, working too little, books with crappy endings, movies with crappy endings, sun burns, sore throats, burning my tongue, burning the roof of my mouth, slurping up cold soup...

  2. Ah, those are ALL great things to hate!!