Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I hate my laundromat.

I wasn't going to share this story because it seems like no one would be interested and would think I'm overdramatic, but after reading my aunts post about her laundromat experience, I was fired up. Unlike her sweetness, my post is a little laced with expletives(though not too many). So be prepared that I HATE MY LAUNDROMAT. Read if you want.

I got off work Sunday at 5pm and then went to put a load of laundry in around 5:30pm. The 'last load' is at 6pm and the laundromat closes at 7pm. If there is no one there between 6 and 7, they of course will close early.

After I put my laundry in the wash, I went back home like I always do because we live less than a block away and i"m not too worried about my clothes getting stolen. After a half hour I went back and got there around 6:15 so that I could put my clothes in the dryer. I casually asked, 'You guys close at 7, right?' To that she responded, 'Well, if no one is here before 7 I will close.'

I explained that I had clothes that were in the dryer and wanted to just make sure she wasn't going to close before I got my clothes out. She again said, 'Well, if no one is here then I close.'

I retorted with, 'So if I'm not here in the actual building you're going to close the laundromat, even though my clothes are in the dryer? I live less that a block away and was going to clean my house while they dried.'

Again, 'Well, if no one is in the laundromat, I close!'


I was so annoyed because:
1) She always acts all nice when I go in and she talks and talks and talks and I am nice back to her. I sit there and listen to the total crap she has to talk about that doesn't concern me because I am a considerate person like that.
2) That laundromat is waaaaaaay overpriced just because it is close to the college campus. It's super close to my house so I use it. I was already in a bad mood just for how much I had spent that night. I could have boughten a bag of tater tots for each load of laundry, guys!
3) My clothes are in the damn dryer and I explained my situation and said I would be back before closing. If I wasn't there by 7 I would completely understand her closing, but hello, I'd be back before then!

So I sent Vince down there to hangout while I cleaned the house because I was about to lose my shit on this lady. He said she kind of harassed him and he was super pissed off about it and so was I.

So now here is my I take my laundry to another laundromat? Or do I continue using it? It really is just the convenience of it that I like but good god, the owner has really pissed me off!

Maybe I should start going in every night 5 minutes before the 'last load' time limit and then sit there reading a book, thus causing her to stay 'late'. (Even though they are really open.) Because seriously? She shouldn't mess with me. I totally hold grudges, for real.


  1. Oooooh my God!!! Just reading this makes me boil with HATE! hahaha seriously. I would have uncontrollably hit her face with something--or maybe threw laundry soap in her eyes. Lol! I will totally go in there with you one night and we can stay until 7:05 and annoy the shit out of her. Hahaha. What a bitch!

    Anyway, I miss you & I can't wait to see all of the wedding pictures! Any idea when they will be released? I'm sick with a cold or flu or something right now, and it SUCKS! So when it's gone let's do something!

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  3. Ugh I would be so mad, especially since they weren't even closed yet! 

    And ya, driving and paying for gas wouldn't be good. And I really don't want to have to sit at the laundromat for an house!

    Your recommendations crack me up hahaha

  4. The problem is, she IS the owner and she KNOWS we've been going there for almost 3 years! If it was someone who was new or something I might understand, but she's literally known us for years. Maybe that's why I'm so mad about it!