Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Things in life that have been making me happy and thankful:

Class - I have clinicals for my nursing assistant class on Friday and Saturday and I'm excited! What are they, you ask? Well, basically I go to a nursing home one weekend and the hospital another weekend and I do hands on experience as a CNA. It's not the most fun work, but at least I'll get my first experience in the 'medical world'. And I get to wear some ugly SUPER white shoes. (And ignore the less than awesome quality of the pictures, they're from my iPhone and somewhat poorly lit!)
Books - I am reading Jodi Picoult's book 'Perfect Match' and I love it. I've been reading a few other books recently but just haven't really gotten into them. But, as usually, I'm completely infatuated with anything Picoult writes!

Dates - I went on a date wih my man last night and it was fun! We went and saw a movie at the university here in town and there was a great discussion afterwards. More on that to come!

Salads - Vince and I have been eating massive amounts of sales the past few weeks and we've been loving it. I figured it that if I just prepare a huge salad at the beginning on the week I'm way more likely to eat it than if I just made a 'new' salad each time. It totally makes sense, I've just never done it before!

Christmas - Figuring out Christmas presents for people. I'm basically doing the same thing for everyone, but I'm personalizing it! I wanted to keep it cheap since I'm quitting my job soon, but still personal and nice.

Validation - Having people tell me they love my blog. I know I shouldn't need validation, but honestly, it's super awesome to hear every so often!

Love - A dog and a husband that love to cuddle each other.

It seems like the easiest post of the week is Thursday, because I have a 'specific' topic to post on! I really need to get back to specific things on specific days like I used to so I can get in the groove of writing/blogging again...



    I agree. I am loving my Date Tuesdays, Thankful Thursdays, and a weekend summary on Wednesdays. If I have time for things in between then great. If I don't, oh well! 
    I liked Perfect Match too. That one surprised the heck out of me. Be ready for it! =D

  2. :) thanks for linking up again! I love hosting Thankful Thursdays!

    What a great list of things to be thankful for! Love me some salad and cuddly dogs!

  3. I'm not sure why I said "a weekend summary on Wednesdays" because that is obviously both false and stupid. I meant Sundays. 

  4. Hahaha I didn't even catch that!