Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stumbling Saturday

Addiction runs in my blood, I know this. So the best thing for me is to stay away from things I could potentially get addicted to. This includes things such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes...ya know, the normal things people get addicted to. But you should know that this also includes things like tattoos, tater tots, and any website that let's you click a button and a brand new awesome thing will show up on your screen. The main website I'm talking about is StumbleUpon.

I've know about StumbleUpon for quite some time now. I understood the gist of it, but I decided that I would never go to that site because I knew it will be like crack for me. I resisted that urge deep inside of me to check it out...until a few weeks ago. And now? I'M ADDICTED.

There's just so many things to see and learn about! It's so hard to not hover my arrow over the stumble button because I know that even if the next webpage it brings up is horrible, I can click it again and the next thing might be amazing. That, my friend, is why it's addicting - there's always that 'what if?' question in the back of you mind wondering if that next click will blow your mind.

So if you are one of those people who have not ventured over to the dark side of StumbleUpon, DON'T DO IT. I'll share some of my favorite things here instead so that you don't have to sit in your dark living room with your pointer finger over your mouse clicking your life away, webpage by webpage.

And some links:
10 Things You Didn't Know About Harry Potter
1994's Most Bizarre Suicide...This poor and unfortunate's so hard not to laugh at it.
Expectations vs Reality...SO funny I may have peed myself.
16 Wonderfully Stupid Test Answers I wish I had the guts to do stuff like this in high school.
Can I go to Croatia, please?
Difference Between Love and Marriage

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  1. I'm not even going to click on the link because I know what will happen lol.