Friday, July 8, 2011

Hey-o (I think I've used this title like 5 times...)

This post is kind of randomness. I guess that happens when you don't have the Internet at home and have to think of something real quick when you finally have the chance to write!

First, thank you SO much to everyone for the kind words on the fiction piece I wrote on Wednesday. I was pretty nervous to post it because, as I've said before, I don't write fiction! It's such a strange and unknown territory for me, so it was pretty exhilarating to post it and get a great response from actual WRITERS who are really GOOD. Ya, I'm kind of on a little high right now it case you couldn't tell!

Second, in the last week, I’ve eaten a lot of good food, and I'm pretty sure it's because I live in such an inspiring house. It’s also great because all the food I’ve been buying happens to be on a really good sale, which is awesome because Vince and I are completely broke from this move! We have like…$5 for the next week. And I only wish I was kidding. 

We’ve had food like strawberries, bananas and yogurt. (Strawberries were $.79 a case, and bananas were $.29 a pound!)

French toast with bacon and bananas.

Cucumbers with ranch.

And cupcakes.

The frosting tasted really bad for some reason, but at least they looked pretty and the cupcake part tastes good! People still ate all of them, some people 2 or 3 apiece, so I guess it didn't taste that bad...

I attempted to make them rainbow cupcakes, but I was out of red food coloring from making red velvet cupcakes. The blue and green look super similar, so it looks like I just have green and yellow cupcakes!

I’ve eaten almost every meal outside, except for when it’s raining, and I love it. The flowers are blooming, everything is GREEN because the monsoons just arrived, and it’s nice and toasty outside!

The Internet should be getting turned on soon {fingers crossed!} so hopefully my blogging will return to ‘normal again’, as if my posting is ever normal. I'm having a yard sale tomorrow morning, but I’m hoping to have a Food Love: Pasta Salad up in the afternoon!