Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grey's Anatomy

Just hearing the intro song to Grey’s Anatomy puts me in a specific mood. 
It’s a mood of excitement, of laziness, of a different time in my life. 

For an entire summer, I sat on my couch with my windows open, allowing a breeze to come through, watching episode after episode of Grey’s Anatomy on my old, small TV. I had Netflix, so I would get the maximum of three discs at a time, hurriedly rushing through them so I could send them back in the mail the next day. I would always dread finishing a disc on a Saturday, because that would mean I’d have to wait a whole extra day since the mail wasn’t picked up on Sunday. The sad thing is, five seasons goes by pretty fast when all you want to do with your time is watch them.

When I think back to that point in my life, I realize what a tough place I was in. I was going through a lot of hardships with family and fighting a lot with my partner, so it was an amazing thing to just be able to escape into the world of Dr. McDreamy and fall in love with Izzie Stevens and George O’Malley.

Last December, my partner Vince and I moved out of that house and we left the comfy worn-down couch that I had laid on for so many hours and gave away our old TV. We got cable, so I started watching Grey’s Anatomy on our new TV, our new couch, and in a totally different state of mind than I was just months before. It wasn’t the same; every time I would hear the intro song play, I would immediately crave my old house and my old couch with the sun shining on me.

Over the weekend, Vince and I moved back to our old house and things are very different in my life. My family and I have a great relationship; maybe not a normal one, but it’s one that works well for me. My partner and I have resolved most of our issues and we are happy together.

Some things never change, though. I still want to lie on my couch, even though it’s new, and watch Grey’s Anatomy on Instant Netflix instead of DVD, which could potentially be dangerous because I don’t have to wait for a new disc to come in the mail…

This post is in response to The Red Dress Club's weekly RemembeRED prompt: TV is something that people either watch a lot of or have definite feelings about. This week, we want you to think about a tv show from your past. Maybe you watched it, maybe you didn't and it was just something that everyone else talked about. What feelings does the show evoke? What memories does it trigger?


  1. This reminded me of a slightly similar phase I went through and I was watching Carrie Bradshaw and the girls. Still when I see certain episodes, those same feelings come up. Great post and I'm so glad that the stuff in your life is good.

  2. Great show! But are you sure it was the couch that made the difference, and not Meredith? I loved the first few seasons, but Meredith became too annoying with the "I'm broken" thing and I gave up.

  3. I STILL haven't watched this show!!! But it is funny how some shows do that to ya. 

  4. I love how you sued the show to anchor the telling of your time of transition.

    This line - I would immediately crave my old house and my old couch with the sun shining on me - really sums up the hold that routine, and escape, and comfort has on us.

  5. My friend is in love with that show, and I never really understood it until I started watching it this past weekend from the beginning. Now I'm addicted! 

  6. Over time Meredith definitely became annoying, but I was totally in love with Izzie and everything that was going on with her that I forgot about Meredith! haha