Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Do any of you own something that you don't think you will every get rid of, no matter what? 
Well, I do, and it happens to be a pair of shoes. These high top Converse to be exact:

Aren't they just beautiful?! Hehe. These were mainly worn in 8th-10th grade and I LOVE them. I'm sure I love them so much because of the wonderful memories from the time I wore them, but they are also perfectly fitting shoes!

When I was in 8th grade I wrote the phrase 'Make Love, Not War' on the shoes. 

In 9th grade a friend named Ian asked who said that. I of course had no idea, and was pretty embarrassed to confess that! He said something along the lines of 'Why the fuck do you have that on your shoes if you don't know who said it?' Ya, that made me even more embarrassed. 

So I went home straight after school and after quite a bit of unexpected research, finally found out who said it. His name was supposedly Terrance Graham but after some new research today, he's believed to be a fictional person... I am confident that I will never forget that name, though! It also made me constantly dig deeper into things that I hear or see, and want to know the origin of it, so I am forever indebted to Ian.


  1. Ha ha I had some shoes that looked almost exactly like that in middle and high school... and funny, but a guy named Ian said something similar to me. I can't for the life of me remember his name right now but he was a skaw-loving, mohawk-toting punk who made school a heck of a lot more interesting. Might it be the same Ian?

  2. If he went to Flag High, then it would be the exact same person! Haha ya, I love that guy, he definitely made highschool better for me!

  3. I went to middle school with him. He was definitely a pretty darn funny kid.

  4. I remember my high tops from high school. They were black, and I drew all over the toe. And I think I turned them into 'low tops' at one point. They're such classic shoes. Love them to bits. Don't blame you for keeping them. :)

  5. It just makes me want to go and buy a new pair! I miss those shoes!