Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tattoo Video

This video about tattooing is beautiful.


  1. It's interesting.
    I see tattoos as an art or an expression for a lot of people, but probably equally as many who don't look at it that way... like Ryan has two tattoos he got around 19 "to look badass" that he now doesn't really care about and occasionally can't stand.
    Buuuut he didn't get them because they meant something to him, just because he thought they'd be cool, and he didn't speak up when the tattoo artist changed it a lot and made it something else entirely.
    I think if I got one it would be more for the art and expression behind it, for myself, and not so much of something I got for other people to look at and admire.

  2. I definitely agree with you on the whole 'stupid' tattoo thing to look cool when boys are young. And that sucks that the artist changed a bunch of stuff!

    I think something can be just cool though, like my arm piece! I have it just because I think it's an amazing piece of art, not because it means anything 'special' to me. Like you though, I would never get a tattoo just so people can look at it! hehe